May 18, 2009

oh, you know who you are

I'm soaking up this sunshine!! Today I mowed the lawn for my parents. I'm debating taking a shower but we are going to plant some raspberries and strawberries after dinner... which would just make me all dirty again... so a shower would be pointless but then again I will feel nasty until dinner. Which to do?

The Mansion STILL hasn't called me, even though two weeks ago Margo told me it would be sometime next week, which was really last week. Should I call again? I feel like a pest, but sometimes it's the one who follows up that gets the job. I'll wait until tomorrow. (I know for a fact they work on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays--yeah, I'm sneaky AND observant!) Although now that I think about it, they should be open for tours. So maybe they are just busy.

On Sunday I had my piano recital and I got to wear new black pants from the Maurice's in Missoula! I played Sonata in 3 movements by Mozart. What a genius! I'm so glad that there were so many composers in the world that wrote such amazing music, cuz without them I would have to write my own music for recitals! haha, wouldn't THAT be stressful...

Speaking of music, while I was mowing the lawn I was thinking about it and life is kind of like writing a song. It's almost never easy, but when it is you really appreciate it. And even when it's hard you can look back and say, "wow, I learned a lot from that... it was actually fun!" And other people can learn from what you have done, to make their own music better by (in a sense) copying your expertise and theory. And you have something beautiful to share with someone else in the end. ahh, I'm feeling poetic. Can you tell? =]

I can't BELIEVE we have to have a huge garden. I'm not looking forward to it at all. One thing I can't stand is dirt under my fingernails... Now don't call me a sissy 'cause I could dig in the dirt for hours and make mud pies and throw them and all that fun stuff. I just hate dirt under my fingernails. I suppose it will be a summer of short nails.

I feel almost already sunburned. ahh =] I love the summer sunshine... by August I will be a lovely toasted shade of brown, and my hair will be a pleasant white-blonde. I'll have a swimsuit tan, of course. And my eyes will sparkle at the memories of summer fun.. this summer needs to be awesome enough to make up for last summer too!

Now, I shall go outside and read Robinson Crusoe... and when I'm done with that, I'll read A Tale of Two Cities! I have absolutely nowhere to go today and I love it.

Love puts the FUN in together, the SAD in apart, and the JOY in a heart. --unknown ♥

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