June 4, 2009

now I can tell you apart

It's a really windy night... I'm sitting on the floor of my bedroom trying to focus on a physics review, but my mind is everywhere. My dog is sick with something, she's in agony... Her moans and groans kinda haunt me and make me sad at the same time. I went for a walk earlier with my mom and the wind was blowing sticks off the trees and the sky was the eeriest shade of blue-gray. I felt like I was in an Agatha Christie novel.

I curled my hair three days ago and it's still wavy... it's been kinda nice not to have to worry about styling my hair. Tomorrow I have to wash and straighten it though. I do feel pretty when I take the time to make myself look nice. =]

I'm going to spend 5 weeks at camp this summer. Two weeks this month, and three next month. This month I'm going for a week of work crew and then as a camper... it's the first co-ed junior week, so I'll be washing dishes for boys and girls, 3rd to 6th grade. And the second week this month is high school camp, so I'll be the one eating off the dishes someone else washes! Next month I'm doing work crew again for the junior high girls (6th to 9th grade) and THEN (the pies de resistance) two full weeks of junior counselor training! I am most excited for that. (Well, that and high school camp.)

I only had one job opportunity this year and it wasn't formal... when my mom and I were in town one day we picked up a bunch of applications and I went home and filled them out and the next day we dropped them off... but while we were picking up applications we stopped really quick at Chris' Tea Cottage and asked if she had any openings and the girl working at the time said no, but you can leave your name and number and Chris called me a few days later to say she had an opening in Bigfork, three days a week, assembling lunches, and I told her I'd talk to my mom and let her know.... and my mom said she didn't want to have to drive me to Bigfork three days a week all summer. (This is part of why I'm spending so much time at camp.) So then of course, I called Chris and said it probably won't work this year... but I wish I had taken it because after all, it is a JOB. Maybe next summer when I have my license.

I don't want my dog to die. I am sick of death. Today I read in my devotions... "In our information-rich world, we have figured out so much, unraveled so many of life's tangled mysteries. But there is so much more that we don't understand. And, just like a child who can't understand why she can't touch the moon--or why he can't eat candy for every meal--we question God about things that don't make sense to us." I don't know about you but I am pretty much the queen of pouting and asking questions about God. I highlighted that section in devotions and copied it into my journal... I caught myself TWICE today asking God why things weren't going my way. But the story doesn't end there... "Learn to appreciate life's questions. You can learn much about yourself--and about life itself--from the questions that emerge day to day. And remember that God, the Master Architect of the universe, has chosen to reach past the sun, the moon, and the stars to take your hand."

P.S. why CAN'T I touch the moon?!

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