June 14, 2009

those teenage hopes who have tears in their eyes

Well, tonight is my last night at home for awhile... I feel sad. Even though I love camp and the people there and the kids and the ministry and all of it, it's still not home. *siiigh* I still have to remove my black nail polish... if I leave it on any longer my nails will chip and it will drive me crazy all week, because I won't have remover with me.

My neck hurts like crazy. I think wearing my swimsuit hasn't been helping cuz it's a halter top and pulls on my neck, but my swimsuit is the only thing I can wear that doesn't rub my sunburn! Gosh, it's a lose-lose!

So, while I'm at camp, I'll try and write lots in my journal to rewrite as a blog when I come back. I always think I'm gonna have more time at camp at camp than I really do have, but then again somedays I get sooo bored and tired of being there... I guess we'll just have to see how this week turns out. I bet it will turn out really good. I have a feeling. Cuz things that I dread always turn out nice, and things that I look forward to are a huge disappointment. sad, but that's just the way they go I guess. =[

Tomorrow Camryn and Jessica, the nieces, are coming over at like... 6:30 AM... but I don't plan on being awake... I always sleep until I want. :P

ok soo I can't take my phone to camp--but if you want to write me at camp, here's the address...
Nicole Creighton
c/o Big Sky Bible Camp
501 McCaffery Road
Bigfork, Montana 59911

or you can just email me while I'm gone and I'll get it on Saturday, whatever works. Mail is more fun and when someone writes me at camp, I always write back. :)

*yawn* I better take my fingernail polish off and get to bed. Thanks for reading :) I tried to upload a photo but it was way too confusing and I think I should just do it either in the morning, or when I get back. And I am less tired.

I'm tied up, I'm tied down, and everytime I try to fly up, I fly down into the sea and hold my breath. I am a mirrored rumble fish, my fists are clenching for the kill... --Too Far Gone by Sixpence None the Richer

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