September 2, 2009

for the teenage boys, they're breaking your heart

That's the last line of the song. Now I have to find a new song to use for the titles of my blogs :)
Today was a good day. The UPS guy brought my brand-spanking-new Lenovo laptop (which I am blogging from right now) at about 11:19 AM, and as I was going down the stairs to get it, my mom told me I look skinny today. That made me pretty happy. (By the way, she is informally christened "Lappy" after Strong Bad and the Homestarmy.)

I didn't have to do science today because I did today's science yesterday. Then, today, I did tomorrow's American Government! I'm trying to make it a habit to stay up to date and even ahead in my school, because I know once the year gets underway... if I don't have a good system, a good routine, I'm sunk. I guess I just get so busy and discouraged that when I have the time, I'm not energetic enough to make the effort to finish. It's a sick, endless cycle.

I helped my mom can about five pounds of beans this afternoon, and we're not done yet. We have another six pounds to go! That's all the pounds we didn't manage to sell at market on Saturday! It was nice to just chat with her and snap beans.

My iPod is syncing right now. This computer is just way too much fun :) the keyboard makes a satisfying sound when you type and it feels good. I wonder if typing is considered a repetitive activity that releases endorphins. hmmmm... interesting thing to find out, hey?

So yesterday our car died on the way to Foys lake. We almost had to walk two miles uphill, loaded down with towels and bags and one cooler full of Sobes. My mom tried to call a few people and while she did I ended up holding her stuff and my stuff... I joked to her that I must've looked like her personal slave, toting all the stuff while she breezily chatted on her cell phone. It was a fun adventure. Miss Ann rescued us though, so we didn't have to walk the whole way.

I started Spanish again. It's kind of weird, starting all over but sort of remembering all the stuff I already learned. We'll see how it goes... this is my senior year. I just have to finish all the stuff I've started!

Well, I'd better go. I'm syncing my iPod with this computer, and I still have to install a few things. (Like PrintMusic 3000! Yay!)

Learn to be lonely. Life can be lived, life can be loved alone.

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