December 16, 2009

your hair was long when we first met

Hannah came over tonight for dinner. I made homemade macaroni and cheese and green beans, and after dinner we had dulce de leche milkshakes. They're not as good as they sound, haha :) Well, Hannah and I watched two Charlie Brown Christmas movies--and then we giggled for awhile about the way my skaters in my Christmas village can fall down and stick to each other's magnets and drag each other around. (This is actually very comical to watch.) Then I gave Hannah her Christmas present, and she was going to take it home and put it under her tree but I begged her to open it tonight. So we brought it up to the romantical atmosphere of my bedroom and she opened the bigger one first--it was brick red wristwarmers trimmed in black fur. She gushed for a long time. I knew she wanted a pair but I really guessed on the colors--and she loved them! My heart started to feel kinda fuzzy. Then she opened the other gift, which she really loved. It was a set of bangles from Maurice's. I had so much fun picking them out and I knew she would love them! It gave me such a good good feeling knowing I got her something she genuinely loved. It was almost better than new jeans.

Anyway, it got me really excited for Christmas--to see people's joy and everything. Christmas is a really good time to kinda sit back and watch rather than, y'know, be right in the middle of everything. The center of attention, which is something I like to be a lot.

It's Christmas. Don't stress out, don't push yourself. Enjoy the lights, enjoy the snow, enjoy the eggnog. Enjoy the family and friends and the sugar cookies and the Christmas tree. It's the most wonderful time of the year... so make the most of it!

Saints before the altar bending
Watching long in hope and fear
Suddenly, the Lord descending
In His temple shall appear.
Come and worship,
Come and worship,
Worship Christ the newborn King.
--"Angels From the Realms of Glory"

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Rena said...

What a great post, Nicole. :)