May 28, 2010

beneath the stars came falling on our heads

I'm sitting at the kitchen table while I blog... all three of my brothers are here also, which hasn't happened since Christmas, so that's kind of fun. Oh wait, one just left to play legos... there went another one! oh dear, now I'm alone. oh well. We're almost ready for tomorrow! I figured out I have to get up at 8... at least... cuz I need to curl my hair and we're gonna go take care of the bunnies too. They're getting so big. They know how to jump on top of their house, but they're not sure how to get down... so they just sit up there until I feel sorry for them and put them down.

It's good to have my family here. My mom commented today on how much we are all growing up, and I guess we are. It doesn't feel like it because we all kinda have our own lives to live, and the only one I really interact with is Jason. But yeah, we are growing up. And in the next couple of years, I'm gonna be gone for about 5 years. Weird feeling.

I'm really excited for my party. We have centerpieces and confetti, and Sunday afternoon we'll get some helium balloons, which I haven't had since I was ten. This is really fun. It's like, my big swan song to high school. And and and!! I get strawberry shortcake and cream puffs! And pretty much everything I want! Yay!

I wish I could write music like Paramore... or even sing like that for that matter. I just love their songs... mine seem lame in comparison. Maybe comparison is my problem. Nothing I have or am is ever good enough to just be good enough. I just have to... critique everything about myself. I'm in a perfect mood for that right now. I can't understand why I got sick. It makes me so mad. Now instead of 100%, I can only give part of 100%. (Reminds me of the Monk episode where Mr. Monk is an assistant basketball coach, and one of the girls says she wants to give 110%... Mr. Monk responds that it's only okay if another girl gives 90% to even it out. I'm sure you can imagine where it goes from there.)

I should think about bed soon... BIG DAY TOMORROW.

I need to watch my girlish figure - Jonathan Creighton

May 25, 2010

The Bible didn't mention us, not even once

today I went imaginary shopping :) here's my "new outfit."

May 22, 2010

history books forgot about us

welllllll, 3 hours later, I'm FINALLY done with my display board. It was a pretty chaotic mess all over the table, and I basically stood for the whole three hours because I would walk around the table to find whatever I needed and walk back to where I was working on it. It turned out pretty snazzy though. Mom says it's fancier than any of the ones my brothers made... go figure. (actually, she made them.) Here's the general idea of the work I did. My nieces offered some unsolicited help, but it was fun. They helped me choose colors and patterns. I'm not quite sure where the zebra came from, that must've been a moment of weakness. It was fun to look back through all those pictures of my childhood and kind of live those memories all over again. It was nice to put a bunch of senior pictures on there, too. Just kind of evidence that I'm really growing up (no, it's not a dream!). I think I almost used that whole roll of double-sided tape. You can't see it, but there's awesome shiny silver rick-rack around random edges of the scrapbook paper to tie it all together. This is the kind of art I enjoy. Don't give me that painting and drawing when I can take memories and glue them together and represent a lifetime.

So at the moment I am eating a bowl of delicious pasta salad that I made today... It has pasta (NO... really?), broccoli, carrots, chicken and cheese and of course-----1000 Island dressing. Which I normally hate, but for some reason, in pasta salad, it just WORKS. Like Converse with dresses or apples and peanut butter. I was really excited to make it because today we were having a barbecue with our family for my dad's birthday (which was Wednesday)... and we were going to have hamburgers and hot dogs, which totally turned me off to the idea of food. Sooo I decided to make pasta salad and that's pretty much what I ate today. Just think, if I hadn't, I might have starved or something.

After I finish this blog post I need to go practice my piano songs for my recital tomorrow. I'm playing two songs by myself, a duet with my teacher, and two duets with my students. So even if it feels like I'm only playing two, I'm really playing five. Here's the list.
Liz on Top of the World (this song is sooo pretty... it's from the new Pride and Prejudice and it's the song that's playing while she's daydreaming and she's standing on that cliff and the sun is out... ahhh gorgeous.)
Sonatina (this is the duet I'm playing with my teacher. It's actually written to be played on two different keyboards at the same time, but we are just so epic that we rearranged it so we can both play on the same on. At the same time. So there.)
Elite Syncopations (still deciding if I should play it from memory or not. I know that I know it well enough, but sometimes my fingers get all tangled up and then I'm stuck and don't know where to start :\)
The Erie Canal (my duet with Noah. It's gonna be pretty awesome, it's totally jazzy.)
Our Detective Agency (this is my duet with Rose. It has cute words... if I could remember them I'd write them here... phooey.)

I suppose I should go practice before my dad goes to bed. Almost ready to cross piano off my list. :) P.S., I'm pretty sure the carrots in the pasta salad were homegrown, cuz they went crunch more than usual. And for old time's sake, I have to end this post with a quote...

Nothing could make that face worse. - Jonathan May (yup, he was talking to me... what makes me laugh is that he was trying to compliment me and it turned out so horribly wrong that I can't help but give him crap about it.)

May 20, 2010

...and went right back to bed :)

I'm adding a bunch of songs to my playlist... everytime I watch Nancy Drew I remember how much I like "Pretty Much Amazing" by Joanna. I wish I'd written it. There's a lot of songs out there I wish I'd written... as Laurie says to Amy in Little Women, "my compositions are like your paintings: mediocre copies of another man's work." I forgot all the good songs I had on my playlist. My tastes are so diverse; I like it that way.

The weather is nuts today! I just walked to the Hemingways with my mom and we almost blew away. And it rained in my eye, it kind of hurt. Ooh, that raindrops song is another one I should add. I'm doing A Fine Frenzy right now--songs like Almost Lover, Come On Come Out, Rangers and You Picked Me (my FAVORITE). "All I can say is you blow me away..."

I suddenly have the urge to upload a picture... because I haven't done that in a long time... but I'm kind of a loss for recent ones and it'd be pointless anyway. I guess I just feel like my blog posts look so naked without one every once in awhile. But then again, I don't want to be one of those people that feels the need to put a picture with EVERYTHING. The words are what matter anyway. Okay, well, I found this one--who can't help but smile when they're looking at A LLAMA!?!?! :D

I started off the day with writing a prayer in my journal and reading Leviticus chapters 1-2... (well, actually I washed my hair first) it was boring, but I asked the Lord beforehand to speak to me through it since everyone knows it's hard to get stuff out of Leviticus. Here's what I wrote in my journal: "sacrifices and offerings should be of my own free will. Not out of guilt or because someone else thinks I should, but because I love my LORD and I want to show Him so." I actually just listened to an episode of Adventures in Odyssey (from the Platinum collection :D ) it was called The Meaning of Sacrifice. Very good episode, I liked it. I'd never heard it before.

I got spoiled today, I got to play for about an hour or maybe a little more on the grand piano at Central Bible Church, where my senior recital is going to be on June 13 by the way so you better be there!! Anyway, playing that piano was like getting a massage. Speaking of which, I supposedly have a free 30 minute massage at Souci and Souci. Are you jealous? Because I also got a 16 oz. white chocolate raspberry latte with two shots of espresso. Now you really ARE jealous, I can sense that the way dogs can smell fear and then bite you on the arm. Hudson, Millie's dog, grabbed me once. It didn't hurt but sure as heck scared me!

Hannah and I watched part of The Prince of Egypt last night. I forgot how awesome that movie is. We decided we could watch it every day for the rest of our lives and not get tired of it. That and the Emperor's New Groove... Which I have officially decided I need to buy. on DVD, and then I can watch it on my laptop. Oops, did I say that? I don't watch movies when I'm supposed to be doing school, Mom! I wonder if I can think of any other movies I could watch over and over?
While You Were Sleeping
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
The Phantom of the Opera
Singin' in the Rain (or pretty much any Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, come to think of it)
White Christmas (I have almost never liked a movie as much.)
Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
Picture Perfect!!!! (I love the 90's)

Okay, is it just me, or does the sound of laptop keys just magnetize you? When my fingers move across the keyboard and I hear it... or even just feel it... it makes me happy. Maybe I'm just heavily caffeinated right now. haha, I should go do something real like algebra... or maybe American Government. Doesn't really matter.

Next on my list of ambitions: Give my hair to Locks of Love.
Oh dear, I just got it cut... this could take awhile.

May 18, 2010

he ate a slice of wonder bread

Not quite sure what to do with my day. I spent the earlier part of it lounging around in my bed and complaining. Even now, as I'm laying here on top of everything (though it's made now) I feel like I could sleep more. And it feels like it should be 1:00, not almost 4:00.

my mom and I walked over to the Hemingways to take care of all the plants and animals while they are in Maine. we go there twice a day, once in the morning, once at night, and in the morning I feed the fish and count them--check to see if anybody went belly up. And of course, I go out to the garage and feed the rabbits, all 9 of them (though daddy rabbit is in a different cage). and I hold my favorites. There are 7 babies, four greyish brown ones and three black ones. I like the small ones the best. Nobody is dead yet. :-) The walk exhausted me though. I laughed to myself as I saw all the little public-schooled eighth graders getting picked up from Deer Park. What a drag that would be!

My performance Saturday night went very well, if not even almost perfect. Even the ensemble was (I thought) the best we'd ever done it. One of our altos was unable to attend, and I overheard the other two getting nervous. But I thought everyone sang their part quite nicely. After the ensemble, I had the time of three songs to change into a fancy dress, put on jewelry and shoes and mentally prepare myself. As it happens, with my mom helping me, we accomplished this in about a song and a half. Then I waited backstage while she went back to her seat so she could watch me :) in the other song and a half, I danced around, prayed profusely, and probably overdosed on Clear Voice. If it was original flavor I'm sure I wouldn't have, but the peach is just so darn delicious. I took an occasional sip of water too. I was nowhere near feeling ready. I think my stomach probably almost exploded from nerves and excitement. When they finally finished the last song and I was ready to go on, they announced me... and I opened the door and walked out and heard a collective gasp. Then I knew, I was the belle :) When my solo started, my knees were shaking terribly, but after a few seconds (or so) I began to relax and enjoy myself. I tried uploading it but gave up. Sorry. :S

Now, after that was done, I was so overcome with even MORE excitement that I couldn't help dancing around backstage. I was swing dancing and ballroom dancing with an imaginary partner. I felt as if it couldn't have gone better. And, it probably couldn't have. But I had to wait THREE WHOLE SONGS before I could go on again for the last song! I was so happy I thought my heart would burst. What a good way to end a school year, and my last school year nonetheless. I think I will definitely keep taking voice lessons next semester, and maybe find some more places where I can perform. Almost nothing makes me happier.

As of yesterday, I now have unlimited texting. I was planning on getting unlimited in the fall anyway--I guess my mom talked to a customer service somebody at Verizon and they told her that all five of us could have unlimited texting for an additional ten dollars a month. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me because if I on my own had decided I wanted unlimited texting, it would have cost me $15 total... not to mention the $10 to have the phone, but I don't pay that. *shrug* oh well.

My piano recital is on Sunday! Not my senior recital, just the piano recital that my teacher has her students play for, and now mine play too. I always get a little more nervous when I have students performing, because I remember what it was like to be a beginner and to be scared out of your wits. I always feel a little bit of their terror. But they do a great job, it makes me happy.

I suppose it's time for me to quit rambling and to go get something done or at least pretend to be productive. It's been a long time since I've blogged--I always figure my news isn't worth writing down. But it's a little bit of fun, anyway :)

"You can't help respecting anybody who can spell TUESDAY, even if he doesn't spell it right; but spelling isn't everything. There are days when spelling Tuesday simply doesn't count." --Winnie the Pooh