August 24, 2010

I can climb the sky

     I gave up on Daughter of Silk. I just thought I would admit that to world here and now. I couldn't handle all the historical super accuracy of it. But, thankfully having not given up on literature completely, I'm now reading Not My Will by Francena H. Arnold, and quite enjoying it. It's a very old book (copyright 1946) and it's about a girl named Eleanor, whose parents died when she was a baby and she was sent to live with an aunt. Aunt Ruth, they call her. Both Eleanor and aunt Ruth were extremely stubborn and headstrong, so the first few chapters were about their battles, mostly concerning boys (aunt Ruth's experiences with men had made her bitter, so she never wanted Eleanor in their company). Eventually, when Eleanor is ready to go to college, aunt Ruth contracts a rare disease and she dies - leaving Eleanor her entire estate, but she has to wait until she is 25, and if she marries, she loses it all. Well, Eleanor, by some chance that only an author could weave, falls in love with a man who happens to have the same last name, so they end up getting secretly married, and that is where I am in the book now. Just finished chapter 9.
     Last night we played ultimate - yet, it was not just another game of ultimate... thanks to me and John being ingenious, it was secretly a surprise going away party for Randy! Keeping secrets is hard for me, by the way. Maybe not as hard as it is for Kiera, but hard nonetheless. So on the way to the park we stopped at Target and I picked up a card for everyone to sign that said "I smile everytime I think of you." and then on the inside, "I smile a lot." Here is Randy with the cake my sweet mother baked and decorated for him. Regrettably he was not AS surprised as we would have had him be... seeing as he found his card between two pizza boxes and said, "hey, is this for me?" :P but he was surprised enough, and that was the idea. Nik even brought him some soap so he can stay clean at college. :) We'll miss you Randy!!!! (oh yes! and photo credit goes to Jenna, as usual!)
     My whole body is sore. I like the feeling, but maybe I shouldn't work out today? I can't remember if you're supposed to work out when you're sore or not. I'll probably jog for sure though. I just feel better as a person, as a whole, when I do that everyday. And today I will be getting the last three textbooks I need for school. I have to pay full price for the world music one :( $145. sigh sigh sigh. I'm still excited for school, though! I'm borrowing the math book from Nathaniel... and it looks like it won't be TOO far over my head. So I'm even excited for math.

Have a lovely day, my friends!


Frizz said...

I got books yesterday also. I was kicking myself over the world music because they had it on ebay for 81 dollars, but I couldn't find out if it was the right one or not. I thought you weren't doing world music.
College starts in a week, AHHHHH!

Nicole said...

I wasn't going to, but it worked out with my schedule so I just decided to do it. *shrug*
$81? what a steal!!
Are you nervous? I'm excited.. but nervous for the first few days. I'm sure after that I will settle into a little routine. :)

Martha A. said...

Don't blame you for giving up on Daughter of Silk.....Not my Will is one of my favorite books!! I love Francena Arnold.....She always adds twists in them.
Brother Beloved is one of my favorites.