September 30, 2010

Happy Sixteenth, Millie!

This is Millie
Millie is beautiful.
Millie is sixteen years old today.
I wish I could take awesome pictures of her instead of stealing them from Jenna all the time!
Happy birthday Millie!

I luv u.

photo credits: Millie Voigtlander, Damaris Gemmer, and Jenna Galanti. 

September 29, 2010


This is my favorite photo right now. It was so much fun having the girls there when I got my senior pictures done last year, and I asked Alicia if she would take some photos of me with them and then one of my mom and I. Alicia happily obliged. I can't rave about her photos enough! You can see some more beautiful, artsy shots on her blog here.

Look at Jessica's face as the three of us tromp through the leaves! Her expression is simply priceless. There are no words for how much these girls mean to me. I love them all the way to the moon and back, even more than chocolate chips.

And I also looooooove my mommy =] 
Thank you for these beautiful shots, Alicia (a year late)!! Oh, I should also mention that the photo used in my blog layout is also one of my senior portraits by Alicia. Just in case you couldn't tell that I am wearing the same outfit. haha =] 

September 28, 2010

but You came just in time

My dad has a new friend! Apparently he has a magnetism for canines, or else he's just too nice, but this pup follows him home in the mornings sometimes now. There used to be two other dogs that would follow him home sometimes too - they would lay in our yard ALL DAY long. We didn't feed them or anything, so I'm guessing nobody was nice to them at their house. This dog actually came up to me as I was leaving for my math class and said hi. I pet him for a minute and missed my yorkies. :( I can't wait to have another dog, someday.

*sigh* I don't know what possessed me to take a picture of this, but I do actually like pictures of textbooks. I like to feel studious with my piles of books all around me and notebooks, papers, pencils, paper clips, and various other office-y things -- but as I told Lex this morning, I'm already tired of this semester. Especially math. And you can see (kind of) that that is on the side of my bed, my favorite place to do homework. That's actually where I am right now.
And what I should be doing right now is homework. :( blehhhhhhh. And we're having a math quiz on Thursday. Like, what?! we JUST got our tests back, and you're quizzing us already? Harrrumph. Nicole is very unhappy today.

September 23, 2010

tell me, what have I become?

I haven't exactly been imaginary shopping *sheepish smile* but I did find a few things that caught my fancy. So happy today is Thursday. Tomorrow I don't even have to get out of bed if I don't want to (I do have homework. But at least I can do it in bed.) This filigree necklace is too unique to pass up. Normally I wouldn't wear something so... big...? But I just love the elegance. I'd pair this with a black burnout shirt and a plain color cami. *happy face*

     This morning was a leisurely one for me. I kept thinking I had until 11:30 at the most, since my math class is at noon. I kept bumming around like I do every morning -- cleaning my room, writing down what homework I need to do that night, you know. That kinda stuff I do every morning while I'm still booting up, waiting for myself to be ready to leave. Well, at 9:53 A.M. this morning I glanced at my planner: "10:00-11:00, blood drive", I had written in pink ink and drawn a cloud around it. With horror I realized I'd volunteered to help check people in - and I was supposed to be there in ten minutes! Well, I usually try to be extra cute on Tuesdays and Thursdays because I don't have Pilates before my math class, so I don't have to work with the sweat and the time crunch. Unfortunately, cute went on the back burner this morning when I had to rush to even be there half an hour late. I felt so incompetent. This girl can't even keep her schedule straight. But on the other hand, a guy that I know (who would probably wish to remain anonymous? I'm not sure) texted me earlier this evening to tell me that my eyes look nice without eyeliner. I was surprised he even noticed. It's not that I feel like I HAVE to have it. I don't know. I may have to rethink my opinion on eyeliner and get back to you. k? =]
     I don't necessarily love the look of these moccasins, but I'm so cold-blooded that the coziness of them makes me want a pair (not brown, please.) I might even want them enough to get a pair. I was planning on going to maurice's on Saturday after play practice and scoping out the hat situation. I really like ear flap hats, and I found one I wanted last year, but they were sold out by the time I decided to get it. I suffered all winter. So this year, I'm keeping my eyes peeled, and getting it before the snow comes I hope!!

     I taught three piano lessons today! That means I have started five students so far, and I have about six left that I need to schedule in and get started. I love teaching piano. Love it, love it, love it. It's so perfect for me!! It's music, it's kids, it's flexible with my schedule (even moreso considering most of my students are homeschooled) and it pays really well. But that's just a bonus. Really, it's just perfect. And it was such a God-thing that I have so many students this year!

     Okay, the trench coat = a fall must. Love, love, love. If I got a new coat every year, it would be a variation of this. I just love EVERYTHING about it. *sigh* I'm sorry, I feel like my blog posts are always about clothes all of a sudden. If I'm not imaginary shopping, I'm taking pictures of my successful outfits. Maybe I am just having clothing withdrawals! Or maybe I'm just a clothes addict. Nicole Marie Creighton is hopeless and does NOT want help.

     Tomorrow my girls are spending the night! (sorry for all this senseless babble, as Millie and I like to call it. I'm just having fun venting about all the things going on in my life.) I think I might give them French manicures with my cool gel pen. I need the practice. I love doing super fun girly things with them when they are here, and we almost always watch a movie too. Love them.

     And finally, jeans: I don't really like skinnies, but I have a pair to wear in the fall and winter with my boots. I bought them at Max Rave. (At Alexa's urging...) They were fairly inexpensive and I love the dark wash. My one regret is that they were snug when I tried them on, and they have since stretched out. I could have used a good one or even two sizes smaller. Oh, well! =] Well, these are Silvers. So they have to be good.

     I must say, I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this blog post. Even though I didn't say much. Maybe next post I write, I'll try to actually talk about what I'm doing a little bit... *another sheepish grin*

September 21, 2010

My heart became like stone and turned to ice.

I left my face out this time!
       Just an update, everyone: I have survived 16 school days. Only 66 more school days until Christmas break! (Man, it feels like I've suffered through way more than 16!) I had a good outfit day today, so I took a picture for you. It's almost totally from maurice's. I took a pair of worn, soft, comfortable jeans that had a few rips in them and paired them with a cheap pair of Miley Cyrus leggings from Wal-Mart (hey, they work). On top I'm wearing a black crinkle cami with a black long-sleeved burnout, and then the tee. In warmer weather I would pair this shirt with a teal or pink tank top underneath and lose the long sleeves, but today it was just right. I also like to wear this shirt with these earrings. They match almost impeccably. Kuhen always seems to have interesting comments on my clothes when I walk into writing class. Last week he informed that my boots were very shiny. Today my shirt was "stripey." He went on to elaborate that I wear extreme clothes. Extreme? I don't know about that. Really, really cute maybe. But my wardrobe seems pretty normal to me. Maybe just because it's mine? Anywhom, I also painted my fingernails white. I don't know if I like it or not. What do you think? It feels kinda gaudy. Maybe if I had a design of some kind in another color on top! (This, obviously, means the spending of more money.)
       We had the first half of our math test today. We get to finish it tomorrow. I feel like I did okay, which usually means I bombed. So I'm trying not to feel like I did okay. My math teacher lets us drop our lowest score, anyways. So if this test is my worst, it won't even count toward my grade. But if it's just so-so, and I have another test that worse, I will feel inferior for my poor math skills. Oh, math. How much I don't adore you.
         I just enjoyed some hickory barbecue chips with my PB&J... Pilates is gonna kill tomorrow, I can smell it. Or maybe that's my breath. haha! :)

Another day in the exciting life of Nicole! I can't wait for tomorrow, cuz I just wanna get that math test OVER WITH! Ooh, and second practice for The Christmas Post is tomorrow! yayness! :)

September 17, 2010

imaginary shopping spree =]

What a poor college girl does with her Friday :) I do already own those boots though!

September 16, 2010

I see my life sometimes and I ask why...

It's almost completely unheard of for me to update my blog twice in one day. And everything that I am going to put in this post would have been in the previous post, if only I could have found the camera! Oh well. This is equally as exciting. So the first order of business is Megan's happy pandas. Last week sometime, I think it was during aural perception, I happened to use the phrase "happy panda." Or perhaps I said I was "NOT a happy panda." it doesn't really matter. My classmates gave me that "look." That "you are so crazy, why would you compare yourself to a panda?" look. I went on to explain, panda goes with any adjective as far as describing how you are.
Happy panda.
Sad panda.
Tired panda.
Angry panda.
Jealous panda.
Beautiful panda.
Content panda.
Warm panda.
It really doesn't matter what kind of panda you are.

So Megan, who was sitting next to me (we are music class buddies. We always sit next together in the front row on the right side.) was listening to all this, and promptly informed she was going to draw me a panda. "Well, okay, cool," I thought, and then forgot about it.
Well, yesterday when I got to aural perception, Megan was already sitting there, and she said, "Hey Nicole, I have something for you!" And she started getting out her notebook. I gasped. "A PANDA?!" And she said, "yes!" Well, these are her happy pandas. Her artistic renditions of something that brings joy to my heart. And I promised her I'd blog about them. So here they are. I may just have to put them up on my wall!!

The second order of business is that outfit I talked about. I really like what this girl does on her blog... with pictures of her outfits. Although my blog is, haha, definitely not just for clothes--today I had a good one that I'd like to share. Here it is.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! 

troubles I once knew, I left behind

As of this moment, I have survived ten math classes, five writing classes, five world music classes, two music theory classes, three aural perception classes, and four Pilates classes (one of which I missed because of a vehicle that would not start, so it would have been five). After today (I'm leaving in two hours), it'll be eleven math classes and six writing classes. Today is rather rainy and dreary (I'm told in writing class never to say "kind of" when you mean "rather"), but to tell the truth I love it. This is the kind of day you can wear a cute skirt with tights and flats, and a long-sleeved burnout shirt. Ooh, I'm excited. pictures, maybe. hmm. :)
photo by Valerie McIntyre
Yesterday I turned in my journalism article to my teacher, and the day before I submitted it to The Mercury. The content of the article was on Alexa Schnee and her book that will be released in the fall of 2011, Shakespeare's Lady. I ended up doing three drafts on the article, and it was easy and fun to write (although possibly time consuming.) Well, the editor-in-chief emailed me yesterday and said that it was an "impressive piece" and that he would "happily use it in an upcoming issue". This excited me, not only because of my published work (yay) but because this means I get on A on that assignment. My next assignment is a literary analysis. I'm thinking The Moon-Spinners, my most favoritest book of all time. Mary Stewart is such a great author.
Last night I counted how many piano students I will have by next month, and the number seems to be close to fifteen. I'm going to have start doing two of two things: 1) give lessons on Fridays, even though I was trying to stay away from that, and 2) ...stop accepting new students. As excited as I am that I have so many, I won't have time for any more! What a great situation to be in. =]
I started BSF on Monday night which was equitably exciting. We're studying Isaiah. Such a great book. I know this is going to be a good year. I'm not in the same discussion group as my mom, but I think it's actually better that way - we can share more with each other when we get home. I get to take her home on Monday nights, because she rides into town with Dad and I'm already there, so I just take her home. I'm loving 17 so far.

I just bought this eyeliner at Wal-Mart the other day - it's Stiletto by Maybeline. So far I don't like it and wouldn't recommend it, as much as the cool name and the graphic is tempting. The brush is flimsy and hard to control, and if you don't put on your mascara before your eyeliner (which I don't, usually), when you go to put on your mascara the eyeliner pretty much crumbles. So today I might try mascara first and see if I like it better after that. I'm hoping to change my review because it just looks so cool, but we'll see.    

One new thing I learned this week is that if you get a raspberry white chocolate latte at City Brew, the coffee is PINK. My friends are probably tired of hearing how excited I am about this fact, but it just blows my mind. I'm thinking coconut today. Yes, a coconut latte would be very nice.

I had better go jump in the shower! Thanks for reading!

September 2, 2010

now I can see the world from way up high!

     What a week this has been! I've been kind of formulating for a long time what I was going to write in this post, I just had to wait for the right opportunity. The opportunity has come - my first week of school is behind me, and all that's left to do now is procrastinate on all the homework my teachers assigned for this HOLIDAY weekend *cough cough*.
     My first math class was horrible. The teacher moved so fast and gave us a pre-test which only one person finished. (This actually boosted my spirits in that it was not just me!) It was an intimidating class, to be sure. The book we are using, Elementary and Intermediate Algebra, actually covers two semesters - and I tested into Intermediate Algbra, so we jumped right in at chapter 6 review. I went home that night with about 30 supposedly review problems, and needed my genius big brother Jason's help on almost every single problem. It was a tough night for me. I wanted to quit. But I had a feeling, if I could just hang in there, it would get easier. Maybe not effortless, maybe not even simple, but just easier. Math is a challenge for me, it always has been. But there is just something about that "*light bulb* I GET IT" feeling that just makes it all worth it. The second night of math homework was much easier, as well as the next. I have not started on tonight's yet, but I didn't have any problems in class today so I'm guessing it will be tedious and nothing more.
Mine is one edition lower. 
     After my math class, I had a free 50 minutes, (I am still describing Monday by the way) which I spent sitting on my backpack in front of Blake Hall. I was still in my sweats from Pilates (ooh! I forgot to talk about that! It was good, it burned, can't wait for my next class on Wednesday) and feeling very blah and discouraged from the aforementioned math class. Well, I ran into Megan, or more appropriately, she ran into me, since I was sitting on my backpack. We waited together for the start of our next class, which was music theory. That was a diverse crowd. Lots of people professed to pursuing a music major, some just wanted to take it to further their music knowledge. One guy was a psych major. I actually really enjoyed that class. My instructor, John, really gets going with that marker on that white board. His brain moves faster than his hand and it's so cool to watch that it's almost impossible to take notes. I won't have music theory again until Monday the 13th, because of Labor Day.
this book was $145!!
     Immediately following Music Theory was World Music, taught by the same guy. When he handed out the syllabus, it listed a lot of homework. =\ so it looks like I am going to be getting used to handing in papers this semester! During that class time we listened to different samples of music and talked about what instruments we heard, how many instruments we heard, whether or not people were singing and finally - where we thought the music was from. I didn't guess very much because I didn't want to sound like an idiot, but on the one that I did guess - Indonesia - I got it right. *proud feeling*
     I drove home Monday night exhausted and spent the whole evening working on math homework. Not. Fun.
     Tuesday was much better. I only had math at noon and writing at one, so I had time to get a little sleep in the morning and still look cute. Actually, my mom took me in that day,  which was nice because I didn't have to drive around for infinity minutes (sarcasm, naturally) looking for a parking spot. I sat with Millie and Kuhen in the back row of our writing class and I have since decided that I have the very best writing teacher of all time. He is simply amazing. More on that later.
    Wednesday was another big day, and I was looking forward to it - Pilates again, math, aural perception and world music. Well, I got all ready to go, got my books all together in my big, cute backpack, and went out to start the car... which didn't. I tried again, testing various techniques that supposedly work (I think it's a myth). Finally I called my mom at work and asked her what I should do. Nobody was home, nor were any other available vehicles. She suggested I call my dad (who was in Kalispell at the time) and see if he could come get me, which, thankfully, he could and did. I missed Pilates - which I didn't mind in and of itself. I have to say, though, that the car not starting pretty much ruined my day and after a good cry while I was waiting for my padre, I determined NOT to cheer up. He spent the afternoon laboring on Sarah the Caravan and fixed the problem. Thanks, Daddy :)
bad shoes for walking.
     During my free hour between math and Aural Perception on Wednesday, I walked to Starbucks with Jamee, Nathaniel, Chad and Megan. I got a little white chocolate mocha and in the process of walking back, and holding the coffee, AND trying not to lose my phone and wallet, I kept getting little drops of mocha all over myself, the path, and even a little on Megan. (Sorry Megan!) She just slurped it right off her sleeve though, so no harm no foul. Unfortunately for me, Chad told me it took "less than ten minutes" to walk to Starbucks from the college... to which I incredulously replied, "are you serious?!" "dead." he said stoically. Apparently by the time we decided to go, locked our backpacks in Jamee's car, and actually left, the ten minutes were spent, because by my watch it actually took, like, twenty. It's ok Chad, I forgive you. But I did get a blister on my right pinky toe because my shoes were simply too cute to be practical.
     Aural Perception was a blast! Possibly my favorite class so far. It's a two-hour, once-a-week class. We spent the first hour singing solfege, took a five minute break, and when we came back we worked for about forty minutes on dictation - that is, the instructor playing a rhythm and us copying it down. I did a good job the first two times, but when he added 8th notes, it stressed me out. I don't think anyone in the class got it right when he added 8th notes.
     Then today was like my Friday. I don't have class at all on Fridays, which is really nice. I will be spending my Fridays doing homework, watching movies, playing, painting my nails, and basically anything else I don't have time for anymore!
     I didn't mean for this to become an uber-long post, but I felt a little guilty about not writing all this stuff down in my journal. I've turned into a horrible journaler. My attention span just isn't long enough or something. I'm actually only 17 pages away from finishing my journal, so maybe the closer I get the more I will write. There is just kind of an impending feeling of doom, mixed with maybe a little bit of excitement when you are close to finishing a journal. You want to get it over with, put away, on to the next thing!

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