September 16, 2010

I see my life sometimes and I ask why...

It's almost completely unheard of for me to update my blog twice in one day. And everything that I am going to put in this post would have been in the previous post, if only I could have found the camera! Oh well. This is equally as exciting. So the first order of business is Megan's happy pandas. Last week sometime, I think it was during aural perception, I happened to use the phrase "happy panda." Or perhaps I said I was "NOT a happy panda." it doesn't really matter. My classmates gave me that "look." That "you are so crazy, why would you compare yourself to a panda?" look. I went on to explain, panda goes with any adjective as far as describing how you are.
Happy panda.
Sad panda.
Tired panda.
Angry panda.
Jealous panda.
Beautiful panda.
Content panda.
Warm panda.
It really doesn't matter what kind of panda you are.

So Megan, who was sitting next to me (we are music class buddies. We always sit next together in the front row on the right side.) was listening to all this, and promptly informed she was going to draw me a panda. "Well, okay, cool," I thought, and then forgot about it.
Well, yesterday when I got to aural perception, Megan was already sitting there, and she said, "Hey Nicole, I have something for you!" And she started getting out her notebook. I gasped. "A PANDA?!" And she said, "yes!" Well, these are her happy pandas. Her artistic renditions of something that brings joy to my heart. And I promised her I'd blog about them. So here they are. I may just have to put them up on my wall!!

The second order of business is that outfit I talked about. I really like what this girl does on her blog... with pictures of her outfits. Although my blog is, haha, definitely not just for clothes--today I had a good one that I'd like to share. Here it is.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! 


Nihil said...

...You know the whole "happy panda" thing originated from a South Park episode, right?

Nicole said...

no, I didn't know that! I heard a friend say it long ago and thought she made it up. :P
and now look, my whole life revolves around it.