October 1, 2010

like a shooting star across my universe

It's a cozy Friday night, I've been in my pajamas almost all day, singing all night, and thinking about the horrors of homework and room cleaning. It's been a good week. I have three random photos and tidbits to share tonight. ^_^

     Don't even bother asking me what the summer of code is. I couldn't tell ya. This is a T-shirt Jason got for free, and it turned out to be women's small. I thiefed it, with permission, (since, yeah, like my 23-year-old brother is gonna wear a women's small T-shirt cuz he can) and he told me maybe I can pick up some cute nerds if I wear it occasionally. It actually is comfy, and I do have T-shirt days every so often.

Hannah spent the night last night and we were having a sweet tooth at 10:30 PM... so we snuck downstairs like little grey, giggly mice, only much bigger, and much less unnerving than the ones in my car, and I made some chocolate pudding. We heated up tortillas in a skillet 'til they were just a little crunchy and then spread them with cream cheese and cinnamon (by the way, don't eat cream cheese plain... I took a bite and, yeah, it's less than appetizing.), and chocolate pudding. When we folded up these "dessert quesadillas" of sorts we put whipped cream on top and then drizzled it with chocolate syrup and white chocolate syrup. I couldn't finish mine (and it had too much pudding in it, as you can kind of see from the photo.), but it was a fun thought and mightily delicious.

Finally, I think this is the biggest carrot I have seen!!! My dad said it was 31"? I'm guessing that included the fluffy green top. And yes, that is from our garden.
And that is my brother holding it. Haha, we are awesome =]

I hope everyone is doing well, and having as much fun with life as I am!!


Hannah said...

Nerds aren't too bad.....if you can understand what they're saying half the time.

Jonathan said...

I totally get what that shirt means... does that make me a nerd? haha.
I gotta admit, I'd be mildly attracted to any girl wearing a shirt like that.