October 3, 2010

out of the dark

Hooray for adorable dresses. This is my favorite dress in my closet! I don't like wearing tights with it, but it was too cold this morning to forgo them. If I hadn't worn tights, I would have worn black classy boots with it =]
Tomorrow is Monday. NOT looking forward to it! Except I am looking forward to BSF. I love my discussion group. They make Mondays bearable for me. I'm really, REALLY not looking forward to my music theory test though... ack, I'm scared. Does that mean it'll all work out? Cuz it seems like when I think a test will go just fine, or I feel prepared, it totally bombs. So if the opposite is true, then if I worry and stress, it'll all work out. (big sigh.)

Have a good week, my friends! =]

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Martha A. said...

That is a very cute dress!