October 19, 2010

step into my thoughts.

    Long-sleeve burnouts are a fall must!!! I only have a white one and a black one. Next time I go shopping I want to expand my collection of colors. The reason I say this is because I like to wear T-shirts in the winter, with long sleeves underneath (I don't really wear T-shirts any other time). And the colorful burnouts make it so much more interesting and fun!! I love the drama of this top. The color would make the most boring outfit fun and sassy! It would also be cute with a black tank top underneath and a big necklace. I must say, I love fall fashion. I'm trying to find colors I wouldn't normally choose. Since I have a lot of different colors of crinkle camis, I usually try to stay basic with the overshirt, but I think I can get a little exciting this year =] I've included a few more images I like as well. My black and white ones are getting worn out, too, so I want those colors - in the same style as the pink!
     Well now that I've had my little fashion frolic for the day, it's probably time to start getting productive. I have to finish my homework by 4:00 today - and that includes working out, showering, getting dressed, and eating at some point. I don't have a ton, I just need to stay focused and alert! (No coffee, though. I'm getting twisted bliss later.) First thing on the agenda is my BSF homework! Haha, I'm sorry for blathering. This is the exact same thing I do in my journal. I talk about all the stuff I need to get done. I prioritize. It must help me focus, I think, and it lays it all out on paper before me instead of little annoying butterflies that flit around my head and land on me only when I'm NOT trying to catch them. Stupid butterflies.

It makes me think of Anna Nalick's song, "2 AM (Breathe)" where she says, "2 AM and I'm still awake writing a song/If I get it all down on paper, it's no longer inside of me, threatening the life it belongs to." I have been listening to Anna Nalick a lot lately. She's my company as I drive to school and back. She understands what it feels like to watch someone you love fall in love with someone else. She knows what it feels like to want to "hide my head here in this paper bag, 'cause if I can't see you, then you can't see me." She can relate when I feel like everyone only wants to change me. Don't bother wasting your time. "In the Rough" contains hope that maybe someday the ordinary and unexciting girls of the world will fall in love. Love will find me in the rough. *contented sigh*

I need to start with math. I have 30 problems and it's a race against the clock. =\ I hate math, I hate problems, I hate racing! I hate everything about that! The only thing that makes it even a little bit better is that fact that I'm in my fuzzy pajamas, and I'm also in bed. I may have to get out, though. I'm kinda tempted to watch a movie when I'm in bed. =P

I'm gonna end this post with a Dr. Seuss quote. This is how I feel about school.

"Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple." --Dr. Seuss

Have a great Tuesday! Are you doing anything fun today? Have any favorite quotes, Dr. Seuss or otherwise?

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