October 25, 2010

you'll believe you can fly

It's been such a full weekend, but I'm finally home!!

On Thursday I woke up at 5 AM so I could shower and give my hair time to dry before Monica picked us up and took us to the train station. I had a smoothie for breakfast like I sometimes do and picked out a really cute travel outfit (of which I was going to take a picture, but then I found out/realized/remembered that my mom took the camera to North Dakota with her on Sunday! What a waste! haha) The train was on time and we boarded with no hassles - at first we couldn't sit together so I sat with a talkative old lady for the first few minutes. She was going to Minot for her brother's funeral and she said they didn't really have deer where she was from. This was a foreign concept to me. When the conductor came through, he found a spot for my brother and I to sit together. It was a long trip - we had a bunch of delays due to freight trains that needed to get through, a freight train whose engine stalled, and caution because of previous derailments. Because of these delays, we arrived in Minot at about 12:37(ish) central time. We figure the train was roughly 3 hours late. It was kind of miserable, if only for the reason that we weren't prepared to be three hours late.

Friday, my mom took me shopping at Dakota Square Mall. I couldn't remember if they had a Hollister or not (they don't, by the way. Remind me later.) or if they had an Abercrombie (which they also don't). Those are really the only preppy big-cityish stores where I like to shop, but that day we meandered into Aeropostale and they happened to be having a fabulous sale! (Imagine that.) I bought a pullover hoodie and a T-shirt for fun. That probably means I'll never wear it but just knowing it's in my closet makes me happy. We also hit up the maurice's there: you may remember my post where I put together an outfit. Well, I bought that shirt, and I tried on the skirt. It was in my size, and on sale, but it was.. shall we say.. less than flattering. Oh well. I stocked up on burnouts and bought a lovely pair of earrings.

Long day today! I forgot my laptop, so I couldn't really work on anything super important. After class I met my teacher's new puppy, Gustave. He's a Jack Russel terrier and extremely friendly. I liked him. BSF was great, as always - I love my group and my discussion leader. When I got home I did my in-class essay (out of class) and worked on my math homework. Now I'm thinking sleep is in order! Goodnight, cyber world. (have you bought any fun clothes lately? Or traveled anywhere more exciting than ND?)

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