November 24, 2010

they say we can't make it; at least we gotta try!

Thanksgiving gets overlooked, don't you think?
I mean, we had snow by November 12. All the stores have put up Christmas decorations and are even playing that annoying Christmas music that all sounds the same. Christmas gifts are being pushed, pushed, pushed upon us.

But I like Thanksgiving.
I like little cartoon turkeys and I like fall decorations. I like leaves and cornucopias and pumpkins and hayrides. Fall is my favorite season. I love apple cider with caramel and cinnamon. I love pumpkin spice lattes and rosy cheeks and brisk wind that makes you glow like a glossy apple.

It seems like nobody even cares about Thanksgiving anymore. Heck, as soon as the first snow falls, screw everything but Christmas! (In all fairness, Christmas is another distorted holiday where we get to focus on ourselves.)

In my humble opinion, I think everyday should be Thanksgiving. Not so much in the feasting and the hanging out with friends... just in realizing all we have. Simply acknowledge it. Take your eyes off your small self for a moment, and look at what all the Lord has given. Just bask in it. Be grateful. Thank Him. Treat everyday like Thanksgiving.

So, I'm-a cheat: on Thanksgiving EVE (gasp) I'm gonna tell you what I'm thankful for... be it small or big. And tomorrow I'm going to make another list. And the day after. And the day after. Until it just comes so naturally to me that I don't even have to think about it.
1. I'm soo thankful for two parents that love the Lord and love each other, and love me--even though I'm just a big mess.
2. I'm thankful to be a part of the Christmas Post this year. Every time I go to practice I am blessed even more than the time before. I never knew being part of a theatre production could be this awesome.
3. I'm thankful for great friends that are encouraging and uplifting and love me no matter what. Along the same lines, I'm thankful for not-so-great friends, because they remind me how great the great ones really are.
4. I'm thankful for little Sarah, who doesn't run TOO well but she gets me to school and home everyday. And she has a nice radio. :)
5. I'm thankful for BSF--my discussion group could not be more awesome.
6. I'm thankful for my piano students!
7. I'm defffffinitely thankful for tea! =]
8. I'm thankful for that little nudge I get from my conscience when I want to say something I shouldn't. Sometimes I don't listen and say it anyway, and I regret it. I may even be thankful for that, cuz it helps me the next time.
9. I'm thankful for journaling, cuz I'd be a weird, messed-up little knot of emotions without that release!
10. I'm thankful for a merciful God who listens to and answers my feeble prayers. I am so small. Who am I, that He is mindful of me? <3

10 seems like a nice place to stop for this post, but I want to never cease being grateful.

"Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!" --2 Corinthians 6:15

November 20, 2010

I've been tagged!

I was tagged by Lex, and I just so happen to love this kind of thing! Depending on how well you know me, you may already know that I'm a huge fan of timewasters. In fact, my open math book is in front of me, but THIS is more fun. Would that I could always do creative and wonderful things instead of homework. Bah. Life would be better my way.

1. What are your favorite things about the Christmas season?
Sometimes Christmas means that my whole family is together. I really enjoy that. And of course, we have our eggnog and tree decorating traditions, but pretty much everyone has outgrown that except for my mom and me. It's ok, I don't mind. We're just extra awesome together. I love the snuggly feeling you get on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, too... last year I was soooo so so so sick on Christmas Day. It was awful.

2. What all are you thankful for?
I feel dumb after reading Lex's answers to this question about Shakespeare's Lady and all the other awesomeness going on in her life. I'm really bad at being grateful... I tend to gripe and moan about how awful EVERYTHING is, but really -- I'm grateful that my grades are ok, that my car runs (most of the time), and for The Christmas Post. I may add to this question as I go. 

3. What are you doing for your next birthday?
I just had a birthday and it wasn't that special. I doubt my next one will be anything great either. 

4. What is your favorite book?
The Moon-Spinners. Sentimental reasons. If I'd picked this book up off a shelf and read it, it wouldn't mean half as much to me as the story that my sister-in-law and I read together (before she was my sister!). Special, special memories. Baskin-Robbins goes along those lines, too :) And we can't forget the time I was riding with her and all of a sudden opened her car door and threw up. See, The Moon-Spinners makes me think of all this. :) 

5. What’s a movie that you wouldn’t mind watching over and over again?
This is a hard question. I have a lot of favorites. Probably any number of musicals though... I'm going to watch Meet Me in St. Louis one of these days. Megan got that bamboo tree song stuck in my head the other day. "if you like-a me like I like-a you and we like-a both the same..." 

6. What is your main goal/dream in life?
I don't know that I have a MAIN goal (and the word dream is so much better), but more like a bunch of little to-do's on my life's list. Owl City says it best: "my dreams are bursting at the seams." I don't really like to share my life to-do's but here's a sneak peak: throw a message in a bottle out to sea, write a musical, write a lullaby, learn to play guitar, adopt a pet. Cool stuff like that. :)

7. What song are you listening to/have you listened to recently?
Every day for the past 9 days I have listened to Ingrid Michaelson's album, Everybody, on the way to school and back. I don't usually skip songs, just let them play. My favorites are Soldier, Everybody, The Mountain and the Sea, Sort Of (see two posts ago), Locked Up, and Maybe. siiiigh. love Ingrid. Today I listened to her Be OK album and that just melted my heart too! Owl City as well. Like I said, if you know me, you know music is a huge staple of my life. A big, pink, sparkly, unremovable staple. 

8. What are you looking forward to at the moment?
Another difficult question that actually requires some thought on my part. The first thing that comes to mind is, I'm looking forward to when I have enough money for a new pair of jeans. There are Silvers skinny jeans at maurice's, and I'm AVOIDING trying them on because I know I will fall in love and it will be a one-way relationship and it's just not good. The second thing that comes to mind is finishing up the Christmas Post--we're getting there!! And the last thing I'm looking forward to is Christmas break :) every day brings me a little bit closer to being done with my math class!!!! 

Tag, you’re it!
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November 18, 2010


November 10, 2010

Sort Of

good song by Ingrid Michaelson :)

Baby, you've got the sort of hands to rip me apart
And baby, you've got the sort of face to start this old heart
But your eyes are warning me this early morning
That my love's too big for you, my love

Baby, you've got the sort of laugh that waters me
And makes me grow tall and strong and proud and flattens me.
I find you stunning but you are running me down
My love's too big for you, my love
My love's too big for you, my love

And if I was stronger, then I would tell you no
And if I was stronger, then I would leave this show
And if I was stronger, then I would up and go
But here I am, and here we go again.

Baby, you've got the sort of eyes that tell me tales
That your sort of mouth just will not say, the truth impales
You don't need me, but you won't leave me.
My love's too big for you, my love
Oh, my love's too big for you, my love

And if I was stronger, then I would tell you no
And if I was stronger, then I would leave this show
And if I was stronger, then I would up and go
But here I am, and here we go again.

Tell me what to do to take away the you
Take away the you, take away the you
Take away the you... 

November 4, 2010

my heart's like a leaf on the wind catchin' rides.

Who knew these little monsters were busy spinning nastyness in our house? My mom was mortified that I wanted to take a picture for my blog, and she wants everyone to know that as soon as I got the picture she destroyed the web. Anyway I thought the picture turned out surprisingly clear. Now, little camera, why won't you take clear photos my outfits?!

In the happy news of the day, I got a 96% on my math test, a smiley face on the second page, and "Nice!" written across the top. This raised my cumulative grade to almost a B. It's the kind of grade I've been wanting all along. Makes me think, well, great, the semester is half over and I'm just starting to get the hang of this stuff... Oh well, I guess. One of my favorite quotes is on my facebook profile: "Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently." --Henry Ford (However, I never hoped to apply it to math. Oh well. I'm getting there and that's what's important.)

In the other happy news of the day... it's Thursday... and here's my outfit... (I might actually manage a blog post every single day this month? Just a thought.)

Ooh, and more happy news of the day! I can type faster than Elliot. :D Judging by my calculations, my average speed is about 95 wpm... at least from the three times we raced. I think that was adrenaline or something though cuz I don't feel like I type that fast. :D

Here's my outfit for today. It's hard to see the graphics on the tee but it's basically gray with a skeleton key print. I didn't think it was overkill to wear it with my skeleton key necklace. And you should be sooo glad I didn't include my face this time. Disastrous morning (but I fixed it eventually!).

For the sad news of the day, I'm not really looking forward to finding out my grade on the in-class essay...... :P

November 3, 2010

gravity they defy

Day 3! I love this top. It's great for adding bright colors to your day, your outfit, your life. And on that note it's now going to the back of my closet and tomorrow I'll have another interesting something! =]

November 2, 2010

Your Words [are] Like Wings!

My week is half done.
Three tests are over. One to go, and an in-class essay.
Three piano lessons are done.
Three more on Thursday.
Two play practices over.
Three to go. (Whoa. Three.)

Can I just say, I revel in my fuzzy pajamas, netflix, tea, and (ahhh!) bed. I have included a bonus photo of my fuzzy pants in this post, just you can be jealous of how comfortable I look (and feel). If you feel like investing in a pair of fuzzy pants, I recommend it. These were $10 at wal-mart, in fact my mom got a pair too! :) The text on mine says something about wishing on a star... I'm not sure; it's kind of hard to read.

THEN the whiz-bang-pow of the day: my outfit. Thanks to JJ for helping me plan this outfit, although the original plan included a purple dress. My dress just looked way too fancy so I kept with the purple theme and wore a skirt. It's hard to see but I'm wearing sparkle tights with black knee socks. It felt very chic and great for a fall day. That's also one of my favorite necklaces :)
     so I can't wear this shirt again this month - but I CAN use it as a long-sleeve layering piece, under another shirt.

Confession Time!

Confession: I did NOT fudge on making my bed this morning.
Confession: I did maybe fudge a little on jogging.
Confession: I used my snooze button for the first time EVER and had a weird dream. I might not use it again.
Confession: I straightened my hair today for the first time in 4 (or maybe 5) days. Felt good!

Do you have any confessions? Leftover halloween candy could be a big one... haha =]

November 1, 2010

An Exercise in Appreciating What I Have....

Last week I counted my shirts. I have 27 short sleeved shirts alone! That's not to mention long-sleeves and hoodies! So, I thought, hey, November is coming up. November also has 30 days. And this idea occured to me that I could make a blog project of sorts... since I have to do it if I post it on my blog, see. =]

Anyway, the project is, I'm not going to wear the same shirt twice in the month of November. However, this does not include tank tops, since most of what I own requires a tank top for the sake of modesty or just looks better with a tank top, and I own like 7. Or 8. I'm not sure, I lost count.

it was quite an ordeal.
So the purpose of this project is for me to see all the things I really do have, and in so doing, not focus so much on what I don't have. Also it's a way to be creative with the clothes I own! I won't always have money to buy whatever strikes my fancy (although, as I type, maurice's is having a 20% sale on their outerwear, and I'm exercising extreme self-control...), so this is good practice in wearing what sometimes maybe I don't really want to wear because I liked it when I bought it but now it's blah. Maybe I'm going too far into this.

In other news, I'm too tired to straighten my hair this morning, and I woke up cold and grumpy. I'm drinking some peach tea and I can't wait for today to be over!! We have a quiz/test in music theory and I'm not looking forward to it. As Millie says, I should go into it with the attitude, "if I'm going to fail this, I'm going to fail it WITH PRIDE!" I honestly don't think I'll fail, but I certainly don't feel prepared.

Also happening today is a midterm - EEK - in World Music. I'm giving my presentation today on the music of Hawaii. I actually kinda had fun working on the powerpoint, but I am a little nervous. I'm just anxious for today to end!

And finally, the sad news of the hour, I don't get to go to BSF tonight because I have a play practice I need to go to. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love play practice... but BSF is like my redemption from the awful Mondays in my life. :( oh well. If it all works out, my mom and I will still get to ride home together, which is another Monday blessing.

Finally found one! This is the torso of an exhausted girl. :P
It's real life, people.  
And now I'm off to study a little bit (for approximately 45 minutes) until I have to get ready to leave - for Pilates. yayyyy. I never feel like doing Pilates haha!

Confession: I fudged on making my bed this morning.

P.S., well so much for studying when it took me 20 minutes to find a shirt I wanted to wear! This challenge is gonna be, well, challenging. I'll upload a photo tonight when I get home... I can't find the camera right now. Hope everyone's Monday is at least decent.

What are you doing to appreciate what you have?