March 2, 2011

Food Blogging: It's an Adventure.

Having someone over to your house that is dear to your heart and/or has never been over before is a fabulous incentive for making something yummy. That being said, I perused tasty kitchen and picked out a few things I would want to make. I knew I had seen a bacon pasta recipe on there before that called for a whole delicious pound of bacon, and I wanted to make cupcakes. Well, that is easier said than found. There are 39 pages in the cupcakes section alone of delicious sounding cupcakes. Some of my favorites that I wanted to try were chai cupcakes with snickerdoodle frosting, raspberry lemonade cupcakes, key lime pie cupcakes, sprite cupcakes, S'mores cupcakes, and... my favorite... French toast cupcakes with maple frosting and BACON. each cupcake has a tiny slice of bacon on top. I soo want to try them! All in good time, I suppose. My choice for today (and also Courtney's choice) is rainbow cupcakes. These were simple, albeit time consuming (they are in the oven even as I blog). You just take a box of classic white cake mix, a cup of sour cream, a half cup of milk, two eggs and a third of a cup of vegetable oil (I used olive oil) and mix it up until it's smooth. Divide the batter into however many colors you want to use (I did five) and then you just layer the dough by color into the pan. This was the time consuming part. It didn't really want to spread very well, so I had to dip my finger in water every few swipes. I can also see now that I filled each little tin too full... my top color was red so I have a dozen cupcakes that look like the mushrooms from Mario bros. :) Oh well, live and learn.

Eventually I found the pasta recipe: bacon and parmesan pasta. This delicious looking (and sounding!) dish calls for a pound of bacon (yup, a whole pound), red pepper flakes, heavy cream, cream cheese, parmesan cheese, eggs and black pepper. Now, in my experience, anything that calls for heavy cream, cream cheese, butter, or pretty much anything fattening and creamy HAS to be good. We don't even have to MENTION bacon :D This was a little hard to make because you kind of had to time everything just right -- the sauce has raw eggs so you want to make sure the sauce is done before the noodles, that way you can toss the sauce with the noodles and the hot noodles cook the eggs. I also found it kind of bland, and had to add tons of salt to make it interesting :( I think next time that I cook this, I will just make the noodles and bacon and then use a different alfredo sauce (made with only cream, butter, and garlic. YUM.)

I wish I had had time to try another new thing, maybe a fruit salad or a bread product. But alas, my Tuesday went by far too quickly! And I'm bringing some leftover cupcakes to school tomorrow... soo... :)

sorry for no pictures :(

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