April 10, 2011


I have a new job. I will henceforth be working at Sizzler Restaurant, (I believe) as a salad bar attendant! (P.S. the "I believe" was for the salad bar attendant part. Not the Sizzler part.) I officially "start" on Tuesday, but I had orientation today. Basically it consisted of reading the employee handbook which told me not to make racist remarks and to call 911 if there is a fire. There was some other stuff in there, but it was all similar to that. I also got to sign my name quite a few times, promising to be a good person, not to steal food or company time, and that I can legally work in the United States.

I also found out that the dress code is pretty strict, so after orientation was over, I went out to the car and called my mom to see if she wanted to help me go shopping. We ended up meeting at the mall and I purchased some Dansko's (honestly, I do not think they are that cute... I don't see what all the hype is for except that they are SUPER comfy) and a stiff, annoyingly scratchy white button-down blouse. It wasn't quite the right size but it was seriously all we could find. Then I went to Claire's and bought a few pairs of pretty stud earrings (as far as I can tell, I'm not allowed to wear dangly earrings at all): I bought a pair of really pretty pearl studs, sparkly diamond-ish studs, and some teeny little flowers. The pearls are my favorite, though. I have been wanting some like that for a while. I also got a couple hair flowers just for fun.

My mom took me to Twisted Bliss after that. Twisted Bliss is easily within walking distance of Sizzler. This is not a good thing, people. :P Anywhom, I had delicious yogurt -- and way more than I intended, because the handle to one got stuck!! (I'm serious, by the way. This is not an excuse for how much yogurt I ate.)

And now I am at home, cranking out music theory and math homework like a crazy woman. I don't even know why I'm blogging right now -- I just felt it was fair that you know what I'm up to. (Although, if you follow me on twitter, *cough cough* you would already know a lot of this stuff.) 

P.S. I have to learn to tie a tie. I honestly never expected to know how to do that in my lifetime. (*cough* another something you would know if you followed me on twitter)

Anywhom, a job will really tie me down... but I am looking forward to having a regular paycheck, plus maybe a little spending money. Although I spend my money anyway. You can possibly expect a new post on Tuesday or Wednesday night, all about my new experiences :)


Hannah said...

You're right, Danskos aren't the cutest, but the sweet little "hot librarian" heels that I love would just murder my feet. Not that that keeps me from seriously considering them....but Danskos are the comfiest by far.

Samuel and Amanda said...

Congrats on the job :) And I don't think Dansko's are too cute, either, but if they're comfortable and you're on your feet for a long time ...

Nicole said...

I am indeed glad for them :) (considering that the alternative shoes I own would put all my toes to sleep and give me blisters on my heels!)