May 19, 2011

Someone Who.

This is just some stuff I was writing in my journal the other night. Part of me thought it was a little too personal to put on the Internet, but the other part thought... heck, the other part didn't think.  So this is how it began--melancholy Nicole:

I really want a someone.
 I want to get those butterflies I used to get.
I want a snuggle-someone who is ok with me when I'm sad and wants to be with me no matter what.
 Someone who wants to take walks and just drive until there is nothing we recognize in our rearview.
Who will hold me and not always feel like we need to talk but just be content to be together sometimes, and take me on adventures. Just random adventures.
 [at this point, it became a game with me and everyone in the car to come up with cute personality traits of the guy I wanna marry] In no particular order: Someone who loves meh.
Someone who knows my comfort food and gets it for me when I'm having a bad day.
Someone who kisses me in the middle of sentence.
Someone who knows all my dreams and secrets.
Someone who knows my number one... my list.
Someone who will hold me all night long.
Someone who can tell what I'm thinking just by looking at my eyes, even if I'm trying to hide my feelings.
Someone who's HAWT! (Millie came up with this one. I remember.)
Someone who plays with my hair.<3
Someone who can rap.
Someone who can make dayng good coffee (another Millie one)
Someone who can stand up for himself.
Someone who can walk alone.
Someone who looks good shirtless.
Someone who likes to show me off.
Someone who loves Jesus.
Someone who pushes me to be better.
Someone who loves even my imperfections.
Someone who flirts even after we're married.
Someone who actually has an opinion.
Someone who can sing me to sleep.
Someone who puts the toilet seat down! (Another Millie, but that is important)
Someone who can cook.
Someone who will snake the drain for me. [is this the correct terminology? even being a plumber's daughter, I don't know.]
Someone who will stalk me.
Someone who thinks I have a cute butt.
Someone who waited for me.
Someone who lets me be alone when I need it.
Someone who makes my heart go pitter-patter.
Someone who is my grace gift.
Someone who is the best thing that's ever been mine.
Someone who lets me sit in the middle front seat when we go places.
Someone who laughs at my jokes, even when I'm not funny.
Someone who won't ever give up on me, even when I'm being impossible. Especially when I'm being impossible.
Someone who is really upfront and honest.
Someone who lets me talk when I need to work through my problems.
Someone who leaves me little love-notes for not much reason (or a lot of reason. obviously).
Someone who can make me late for work because I won't want to leave.
Someone who.... <3


Hannah said...

Another one I think is good:"No boy is worth crying over, and the one who is won't make you cry."
And it's sooooo good when you find him! Of course, being sad is part of life, but having someone to go through it with you is priceless.

Raja-Man said...

umm....all the guys of the world are screwed...none of us r that perfect...AND know how to

Nicole said...

haha I forgot that rapping was on there. it's not a NECESSITY... lol