October 21, 2011

Awkward and Awesome (Mostly Awesome, Partly Awkward) Thursday a Day Late....

Commencing the craziest weekend--no, week?-- of my life.

Yesterday I got my grade back on my French presentation. Jana gave me 100%, even though some of my grammar was wrong and I didn't place all the right accents in all the right places. I don't feel right bragging anywhere but my blog, so I feel like I can say all this here :) she whispered to me as I came in that it was the best presentation she had ever had. Then she told me that if I wanted to work through a module a day, she would help me do that. Ha. Good thing she was joking. (Our book is a two-semester text with fourteen modules.)

Also yesterday, I managed to get my persuasive speech out of the way, which feels great. I was the only person ready to go, but I'm so glad. Even if I had waited until Tuesday, then I would be competing with other people for the chance to get it done, and I wouldn't be that much readier by Tuesday anyways. I'm the type of person who, if given extra time to do something, I just cram the night before. Extra time does nothing.

All in all, though, the speech went really well. I felt confident and well-informed, and the rest of the class was responsive and said my topic was interesting. I wanted to eventually record the speech with my webcam (since one of the managers at Sizzler, Sona, really wanted to see it) but I don't think I will find a spare minute for that until Christmas vacation. When I do, I'll probably post it on here.

Finally, I worked... and here comes the awkward part of awkward and awesome.

People were really mean yesterday. I mean like snooty. They were stuck up and rude and just ugh. One family came in and it was pretty busy and I was the only counter person, so I was a little irked when the mom and daughter ordered 2 salad bars and the dad was texting.

Without even looking up, he ordered "the biggest New York strip."

Now, in my head, I'm going, What the heck is a New York strip? And at first I thought maybe he did order something we had and I just heard him wrong. So, I looked at him expectantly. He looked at his wife, and back to me. "Are you having trouble hearing me??"

Now, it's hard to convey tone of voice over text. But this guy was irritation at its best. Sometimes people just send me over the edge, especially in my line of work. His voice was oozing sarcasm. I just wanted to kick him in the shins.

Instead, I smiled sweetly and said, "Are you asking me for the biggest steak on the menu?" 

Get me out of here.

*sigh* Another crazy weekend in the life of Nicole, coming right up!!

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