March 19, 2012

A Beating Heart

some lyrics I composed based on the poem "Twice" by Christina Rossetti. (you can read that poem here.) I hesitated to post it on my blog because of its blatant honesty... but then again, I'm kind of a sucker for blatant honesty. So hate it if you want, it's my heart.

O my love, O my love
There it was, pumping, beating. 
In the palm of my hand
And time was fleeting.
I knew what to do, I thought it made sense
I'd give it to you, I'd take such a chance...

O my love, you opened your palm
Your eyes smiled calm.
Nothing I saw warned me of the storm to come
Nobody told me I should run.

The weakness of my words is crippling
I buckle beneath your critical gaze.
The beating heart I gave you was not enough,
It was not enough, it was not enough,
It was not enough.

To watch you leave without looking back,
To know you saw me that way,
Was my least favorite feeling.
I hated that.
I wish I could forget that day.

I don't smile much lately anymore,
O my love, O my love.

But I pick up that broken heart from the sand
(Let me fall or let me stand)
God saw it all that day, He saw my tear-filled eyes
(Let me live or let me die)
This broken heart You see as whole...
Refine throughout with fire its gold
Hold it in Your forever hold
Whence none can pluck it out.

All I need to know is Your touch,
Onto Your strong Hand I'll cling...
Smile at me, I won't question much
Just smile at me, and I shall sing. 

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