April 18, 2012

Dear Dad....

Thank you for being my dad.
Thank you for loving me all my life through every moment, even when my hair was gross and I had braces.
Thank you for staying married to Mom.
Thank you for going to work every day even when you didn't want to, even when your body was stiff and tired, so I could have a house to come home to and a safe place where I only have to be me, and plenty of food to eat.
Thank you for wanting what is best for me.
Thank you for buying really nice tires for Pierre. <3
Thank you for doing the dishes almost every single night. I know you really don't like it.
Thank you for working so hard to keep Harvest together, even when nobody would stand beside you except for me and Mom.
Thank you for not giving me everything I want.
Thank you for holding me to high standards so that I have a good chance of becoming an exceptional person... thanks to you! :)
Thank you for my remote car starter.
Thank you for being interested in my life.
Thank you for not smoking or drinking.
Thank you for reading your Bible everyday and setting an excellent example for me.
Thank you for your sense of humor.
Thank you for being so wise & smart.
Thank you for loving Jesus more than anyone else in your life.
Thank you for teaching me about Him from the time I was little.
Thank you for dancing with me...
Thank you for being mine <3

April 16, 2012

Dear Future Nicole...

If I know you at all, you are probably still single.
And you are probably still really unhappy about that.

I just wanted to remind you to thank God that He didn't give you what you begged Him for.
It wasn't best.

You probably only miss the happy moments of dating...


You're gonna meet a guy who's gonna blow your fricken mind.
In the meantime, spend time with the One Who Already Has.

And stay happy, where you are... :)

Love. Love. Love.
~Past Nicole