April 16, 2012

Dear Future Nicole...

If I know you at all, you are probably still single.
And you are probably still really unhappy about that.

I just wanted to remind you to thank God that He didn't give you what you begged Him for.
It wasn't best.

You probably only miss the happy moments of dating...


You're gonna meet a guy who's gonna blow your fricken mind.
In the meantime, spend time with the One Who Already Has.

And stay happy, where you are... :)

Love. Love. Love.
~Past Nicole

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Hannah said...

Dear Future Nicole,
There is a guy out there who is going to love you.
Regardless of society's standards.
In defiance of the lies of our enemy.
In spite of your own misgivings.
It will shock you, humble you, and make everything worth it.
your friend,
Past Hannah