June 14, 2012


Things are suddenly so different in the Creighton household.

We can't get anything done.

We can't leave anything on the floor.

We can't leave doors open to rooms we don't want explored.

This is my new puppy... Lucy :)

Lucy is a bichon/jackapoo.
My mom and I drove to Condon on Tuesday, June 12 (her 8-week birthday) to pick her up. We got to meet her fluff ball brother, her sweet mom, and her reallly nice breeder family. She cried a little on the way home, but mostly slept (I held her all the way, I didn't want to kennel her). When we got her home to our house she played for a little while, and cried for about 20 minutes when I put her to bed. She really is soo good. :)

Lucy likes to play with her already numerous collection of toys (I found the cutest tiny tennis balls with squeakers inside), to walk on the piano with close Nicole supervision, to snuggle down on my chest and watch Scrubs, and to go under my bed. I wish I'd cleaned my room ahead of time...

I have a long list of things I want to teach her. Of course, we're working on the basics first, like responding to her name, learning to come when she's called, and peeing outside. Eventually, though, my smart girl will learn to distinguish between her toys, to sit, lay down, & stay (in both English and ASL), where her room is, how to walk on a leash, and how to socialize with other dogs and people.

Oh yeah, and we're working on what not to chew on. Those puppy teeth can hurt.

So - this is my new exciting addition to my family... come by sometime when I'm not at Sizzler and you're welcome to cuddle and play with her. She'd love to meet you. :] 
Texted this photo to big brother... he said, "aww, she looks like a pirate." That's my girl. 

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