September 27, 2012


I've been sick.
I've been teaching.
I've been sleeping.
I've been trying to be nice.
I've been reading my Bible.
I've been texting more than I should.
I've been cuddling my pup.
I've been blowing my nose.
I've been watching That Girl.
I've been waiting tables.
I've been Facebooking.
I made this goal page for my fitness journal. Here's what all the goals say:

To feel good, inside and out. To wear Buckle jeans. To run Bloomsday. To be a role model. To make good habits. To love my size. To be proud. To weigh what I told the DMV I weigh. To be brave and try new things. To do something about what I keep saying. To be tiny. To be respected. To be a runner. To make good choices. To knock their socks off. To inspire. To stay positive. To rely on God. To not give up. To feel good in my skin. To stop making excuses. To meet my goals. To suffer the pain of discipline. To not feel like "yuck". 

and of course, no blog post is complete without a picture of the adorable Lucy! she was so snuggly today... :)

September 17, 2012

A Lovely, Lazy (But Not Really) Day

September 13, 2012

My Day in a Rather Large Nutshell: I am Not Concise

Well, this morning I woke up at the ungodly hour of 6:30 AM.

I call it ungodly because it's impossible to have joy that early in the morning.

Anyways, I got to have coffee with my delightful friend Millie before my (hopefully last) chiropractor appointment. It was exciting to hear about what is happening in her life and to fill her in on some crazy details of my own.

After the chiropractor, who told me I should avoid vacuuming, mopping, sitting, standing, and basically everything I do all the time, I met another dear friend Stefanie for naked burritos at QDoba. it's kind of a tradition we have. She's moving to Wyoming and ohhhhh how greatly shall I miss her. We have promised to talk and text and be pen pals and facebook buddies all the time though.

It was a good day. I both laughed and cried.

On to the next one. 

EDIT: hey maybe I'm more concise than I thought...?

September 11, 2012

What's Going On?

Today was Lucy's first haircut. It took hours and resulted in 3 trips to town for me. She's certainly cute now though. I bought her a sweater in case she's cold over the next couple of weeks.

I also started piano lessons with Kirsten today. We're almost done with the Level 1 red books and excited to graduate to the Level 2A blue books. (I played through some of the songs this morning. They are so cute.)

... Would you like a breakdown of my schedule?
.... Because I just wrote it out, but then I realized probably nobody cares. And I'm off to sleep. These early mornings (and by early I mean I have to be somewhere by 9AM) are definitely getting the best of me.

September 6, 2012

too spazzy.


I drank entirely too much coffee today.

that song "Jolene Jolene Jolene JoLEEEEENE" is in my head. I heard it at Colter's earlier.

Tomorrow is my first class at Junior Music Academy. It starts at 3:45 but I'm sooo nervous I'll probably be at the Academy by 1:00.

I love playing piano this time of night. I think I got my passion back. I played a Beethoven Sonata and put Lucy to sleep.

BSF starts in a few days and I am So. Excited.

I love my cartilage piercing.

"I'm in love with God & God's in love with me, this is who I am & this is who I'll be & that settles it. Completely." <3 p="p">
My back needs to heal up fast, I miss running. :(

Can't wait to own a Keurig.

I have more private students this semester than I've ever had.

As much as I complain about Sizzler, it'll probably break my heart when I have to quit.

My Snoopy pajama pants are the fuzziest, warmest, most unflattering jammies ever and I love them.

Oh my soul, Lucy used to be SO small.

Now I think I shall be off to do something else... I'm soo nervous :S will let you know how it goes!!