May 11, 2014

I could live these nights forever.

stoplights bleeding bright all over the rainy roads

angsty pop songs from the speakers, a bit too loud. I don't mind.

roads once threatening, now familiar

laughter with sweet friends I may never see again.

my hands on the steering wheel, they just fit

finally back to work. are viruses getting stronger?

a to-do list I'm really excited for

chipped same-day nail polish

Simeon's shaved face

squeaky voice, reminiscent of powerful fever yesterday and evidence of coming out on top, conqueror.

low voice laughing

May 7, 2014

Little Days

Devotions by the fire

Sweet coffee

Cold toes

Oatmeal pancakes sizzling in the pan for sleeping roommate

I can stay in my pajamas all day if I want to.

🎶don't want no big days, just want to be as small as I can be🎶🎶

Workout schedules

Memory verses

Drizzled honey

Fluffy hair

Snow in the morning, melted

This is going to be a good good summer.

May 1, 2014

Sometimes you see grace on the horizon, but sometimes you see it in the rearview.

I feel like grace defines my life. As I was driving from Bozeman to Kalispell today all alone, singing too loud and eating dessert skittles, I was thinking about grace. I paged through my journal a few days ago, skimming highlights and low points of my first year at MBC. I wish I could write them here, but there are actually too many to count. In fact, I wrote down more than a thousand gifts in my journal between September and April. And the list keeps growing.

This is going to be one of the best summers ever. I know it. I know it because it's started off with a hoarse throat from so much singing, Lucy-girl sneezing in triplicate, a cupcake with a fresh strawberry on top, and I'm cozy in my very own bed in my very own room. I can hear crickets and birds chirping. My hangnails all hurt and my eyelids are drooping because I got four hours of sleep last night.

I think Grace may be my new name... At least it's my new eyes. And I'm so excited for what's to come.

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