June 11, 2014

Dear Montana Bible College

Dear Montana Bible College,

You were hard on me. You challenged me, impressed me, and thrilled me.

Because of you, I read the entire Bible in a school year, lost hours and hours of sleep, stayed up late writing papers and reading books, cut back drastically on regular showering, stopped wearing makeup, and gained almost twenty pounds.

Because of you, I made new friends I know I can count on for a lifetime.

Because of you, I love naps again.

But you taught me a lot. You put a lot of opportunities for grace, both given and received, into my life.

You showed me that I need to research things for myself, that I know next to nothing about Christianity and the Bible, and that a lot of the time my parents know what they're talking about.

You inspired me. A year ago, I would never have said "I'll probably get a degree from MBC." But look at my new plan!

I love you, Montana Bible College. Keep it real.

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