February 5, 2015

Some Basic Do's and Don't's of How to Treat a Cashier

I've been working at Ace for, like, an eternity now, and there are just some things I want to get off my chest every once in awhile. And what better place for such an activity than the Internet?!

If you pay with a $50 or a $100, don't do it first thing in the morning unless your total is like $97.50. We have no 20's in the till yet and you're going to be embarrassed when I have to take forever to count back your change to you. Also, when I mark your bill with the pen that is supposed to tell me whether it's counterfeit or not, don't crack a joke like "just made those last night." I'm not laughing cuz it's funny or original. I'm laughing so you don't feel bad because every single person says that exact same thing.

When you walk into the store and I say "hello," greet me back. It's just my job. I realize sometimes you just plain don't hear me, but it actually hurts my feelings a little when I'm bright and cheery to you and all I get in return is a halfhearted wave or a grunt. At least smile back at me. I know you have a good smile. It would make my day.

Don't act like it's the end of the world for me to ask if you have a rewards card. Again, it's just my job. I am required to ask every single person. Even if you come to Ace every day for a lifetime and every day you tell the cashier "no", it may have been a different cashier than me. And please, don't interrupt me. That is just so freaking rude. Let me finish my question and then answer it politely, like a human being. And if you do have a rewards card, don't just rattle off your phone number to me before even saying "hi". Chances are, I'm not in the right screen yet and I will have to rush to catch up with you.

I cannot stress this enough. PLEASE do not throw tantrums about coupons. All the information you need to use a coupon is printed on it. Learn to look at more than just the dollar amount. Do your homework. Does the purchase need to be over a certain amount? Can you use the coupon on sale items? Has it expired? Can it be used alongside another coupon? Honestly, just read your coupons before you bring them into the store, and if you have questions about them, ask before you do your shopping. We are happy to answer your questions if you actually ask them before assuming. 

If you happen to have a lovely child in the store with you (and I realize this is fairly Ace-specific) and I offer them a balloon, please please please take the opportunity to teach your child some manners, even if it takes a few extra minutes. Maybe I'm even a little bit old-fashioned for my age, but I remember always being taught to say please and thank you when I was offered a treat. Maybe 1 in 5 children politely ask and thank me. Maybe less. I am always so impressed when it happens. And I know it doesn't seem like a big deal now but your little child is going to grow into an adult, so just, please. For the sake of workers everywhere. And just so you know, if your kid is screaming, or whining, or interrupting you while you are talking to me, it is YOU I am judging, and not your child. And on the other side of that, I do realize that sometimes tantrums just happen--I can tell the difference between a kid who is just throwing a tantrum for whatever reason, and a kid who consistently gets what they want. So don't think I'm just hating on all children that don't behave perfectly. I was a kid once. I know.

The cell phone thing... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, why do I even have to say this? I remember one instance where a customer came through my line, on the phone, and I rang up the entire transaction while she was on the phone, and then when I asked if she had Ace rewards she apologized to the person on the phone, spewed her phone number, and went back to talking. Are you kidding me? This is SO. RUDE. Just don't. If you must talk on the phone, at least take a second to tell the person on the line what you are doing, put the phone down, and do the transaction start to finish while treating me like a person.

And a few thank-you's to some customers I love, because not EVERY person is awful...
Thanks for letting me hold and snuggle your papillon everytime you come in. (<3 lilly="" p="">Thanks for actually asking how I'm doing and caring about it.
Thanks for bringing me coffee when my day was rough.
Thanks for listening.
Thanks for being genuine.
Thanks for thanking me and meaning it.
Thanks for asking me what I'm reading when it's closing and I'm doing homework.
Thanks for inviting me to stuff. Even though I usually don't go, I appreciate it.
Thanks for telling me I have beautiful eyes.
Thanks for hugging me everytime you come in (not you, Joe).
Thanks for making me laugh.