Bucket List

write a musical

adopt a pet

make a CD

memorize a book of the Bible

write a lullaby

learn to play guitar

throw a message in a bottle out to sea

tour with Revolve

perform at Creation

get a 4.0 grade average

get a white grand piano

learn ASL

learn French

learn CPR

buy a meal for a stranger

take a leap of faith

go to Europe

learn to play the ukulele

get a perm

take ballet

get ripped

go on a missions trip

live somewhere other than Kalispell

go to California

watch all six seasons of Lost

run Bloomsday

learn to juggle

learn to write with my left hand

teach a child to read

go 30 days without caffeine

get a tattoo

jump off the Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand

finish that murder story I started years ago

visit the Blue Grotto in Capri

Sponsor a child

take a midnight train going anywhere:)

40 days without facebook

communicate with a deaf stranger

give someone something they don't deserve

become a person of minimal needs

go skinny dipping

watch LOTR/Star Wars/Pirates

Go to London (spring break 2012!!)

Get a puppy

Paint a wall in my bedroom with chalkboard paint