April 26, 2009

that was what my youth was for

*yawn* it's a sleepy Sunday afternoon. After church I put on jeans and a brown roxy hoodie (speaking of church, I washed the spot off my purple dress so I wore that one. I'll wear the black and white one next week) and it reminded me of city brew. That was a good feeling, but it made me miss my brother. He took me to city brew every Thursday night during my sixth grade year... 'cause I wasn't old enough to go to youth group and it was boring at home, since my parents go out for dinner every Thursday night. They've done that ever since I can remember. Thursday night = parents date night.

I just got back from a walk and my fingers are so cold it's hard to type. But I love the feeling of walking down an empty road, with nobody watching you but God and a handful of cows, wind in your hair and dust on your jeans, just listening to music and pouring out your thoughts--being totally honest and open. I love it. I brought back a little yellow wildflower for my journal. I always chew a piece of gum when I go on a walk to keep my mouth from getting dry and today it was watermelon. Still have it. :) The neighbor has two calves, a brown and a black one. The brown one is cuter and he watched me all the way to the cross roads. God is so cool, He makes weird animals like cows! Seriously. They are so odd. I bet they think the same thing about me (or at least they would if they weren't so dumb).

Tomorrow I'll be in town all day long. We have to go to the Buckners after piano lessons for my mom to teach preschool to Hannah and Jessica, and I promised Maraeah I'd play with her. Not my favorite thing to do... but I don't mind. When I was a little kid my favorite people were the ones that spent time with me--doing my hair, playing games... when I broke my arm, I was still too sick on meds to go to Jonathan's high school graduation, so I stayed at home. And a college age (at the time, but she's older now, and married) family friend came over and she just hung out with me and talked so I wouldn't feel lonesome. Of course I'll always remember that 'cause it meant a lot to me. So, maybe I can make a difference in this two-year-old's life 'cause I'll play with her. :) Besides, tomorrow brings me one day closer to my interview!! I'm excited. Not so much nervous, just excited. I think the closer it gets, the more my excitement will dwindle to nerves. Especially since my mom won't come in with me... I'll have to face it all by myself. (I can't remember if I mentioned that in my last post?)

Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen. Stay in the sunlight. --Benjamin Franklin

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