May 26, 2009

sweetheart, bitter heart

I didn't get the job at the Mansion. I'm not ashamed to say I hung up the phone and ran to my mom and just cried... that job was so perfect for me and I was so sure I would get it. At least, until they didn't call and didn't call and I started to get the inkling I wasn't hired. And I'm not. So, tomorrow, my mom and I are going to drive around a little bit and apply at a few places. We'll see what happens, yes? If I don't get a job there is always camp (which I love, it's just that it doesn't pay. hahaha), but I already applied for their two-week session of junior counselor training. The application was so intense it took me an hour and twenty minutes to fill out, even with my mom's help. All kinds of questions about what I believe and having to back it up with Bible verses. I remember one of the hardest ones was about speaking in tongues... but that kind of thing is so good for me to practice.

We planted potatoes today--about ten or twelve rows, at least a hundred feet each! Our garden is ginormous. I am not really a gardening girl, but it will be fun to produce our own food from seeds. (My mom got me a dwarf orange tree and I'm anxious to see what comes from that.) Actually we have two gardens, and my mom and I planted some Yukon Gold potatoes in the smaller garden (the same one with the raspberries and strawberries) and red potatoes in the bigger garden. I don't even like potatoes. (ok so I exaggerate, I like potatoes but I never crave them or anything.)

On Thursday I will hopefully go see Night at the Museum 2 with Brooke. It will be the first time we have really, truly hung out in way over a year. I'm wondering how it will go.. will it be fun? Awkward? Just plain weird? We were supposed to go today but she had to work. I had my outfit planned and everything =[

I have been in this weird confused rut of depressed-ness lately. I don't like it at all... it makes me kinda mope around and not get anything done (except clean the kitchen, that's the easy part of life I've realized). It may help to figure out if I am supposed to get a job or not. We'll see what God says. I asked Him about it today.

I really want some Nicole brand nail polish. I saw it at Wal-Mart last time I was there and I thought, I have to have some of that!! Even though it's pretty expensive (seven bucks), they even spelled it right. I gotta get some Nicole brand. hehehe that is so fun to say.
"What kind of nail polish do you use?"
actually I really like Claire's too--but I wish they had some darker colors instead of just neons. Oh well. NYC is also good. Not like ANY of this matters.

My strongest trait is curiosity. --Bono


Jonathan said...

Depressed-ness, eh? You know what I think would help that? The sense of accomplishment you'll get from finishing that song. (winks) haha.

Nicole said...

Oh, very nice, you didn't leave a comment, you left a masked threat! And after I wrote it I realized I could've used the word DEPRESSION that is actually a word, but what is the fun in using words someone else already made up?