July 14, 2009

1,2,3,4,5,6,9 or 10

I fainted yesterday. Turns out it wasn't just a little nausea, it was a full-blown stomach virus. I didn't sleep well that night--I was hot and couldn't get comfortable... I woke up three or four times just feeling miserable. Then my mom got me up at 8:15 (when I was finally sleeping hard), and I felt just AWFUL. Really hot and queasy, and I thought it was for lack of fresh air, so I went out on the porch swing, and my mom came with me. That was when we decided I couldn't go to camp this week, or at least not right away. So I stayed in the TV room and watched movies all day long... I threw up around 2:30 ish and I had a few dry heaves, they hurt so bad I cried :( Then my mom went outside to weed and I watched some more movies... at about 4:00 or 4:30 I decided I was cold, because I was only wearing a T-shirt and lounge shorts. So, I decided I could go upstairs by myself and change if I just went reaaaaal slow. So, I did. I made it upstairs and I changed into warmer pants... then I got to my doorway and everything went black. I weakly called out to my brother who I knew was across the hall, then I gripped the door frame with all my might and felt myself falling... Then I decided fainting would only be fun if you were wearing a big, pretty dress and knew that a handsome man was going to catch you. So Jason came and helped me down the stairs and by the time we got downstairs I was exhausted and I drank a lot of 7-Up.

If I get better today, I can go to camp in the morning tomorrow :) Pray for me!

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Jonathan said...

wow, I'm really sorry. :( Good thing I didn't write you a letter this week. haha