July 11, 2009

too scared to own up to one little lie

Oh boy... I'm such a procrastinator! Here I've been home for two weeks and I don't write another blog until the night before I leave again. I'm really tired--but excited at the same time. I'm torn between the two worlds I live in, so different yet so much alike. Camp isn't quite reality... I realize that... but I do love it out there.

In the morning I plan on curling my hair... so much to do! I wonder if I packed everything I need? Today my family and I went up to Herron Park and hung out for a few hours :) I had a lot of fun. Then we (we being my mom and I) went to a spa party at my cousin's house... mmmm. it was nice.

Even my thoughts aren't focused. They keep skipping around like an excited puppy. Only I'm not that energetic!! *yawwwn* goodness gracious, excuse me.

I wonder if this week will be fun. I wonder if it will be fun spending a whole week with junior high girls... hm... hahahaha :) I'm sure it will be. The scary thing/hard thing is being a good example. You never really think about how much younger people want to be like you and do the things you do and dress like you... it's crazy! :P

I feel a little nauseated right now. I can't tell if it's because I haven't eaten well, or I had too much ice cream at Holly's... or maybe I'm nervous? haha, girls intimidate me! Yikes. :S But I remember going to junior high camp and absolutely adoring the girls who were on work crew.

Well, I better get my hiney off to bed, since I still have to curl my hair in the morning. And I better double-check all my stuff. Goodnight, goodbye, Good... good... um... yeah.

I will not lie down, I will not sleep
And they overseas, yes they're trying to be free
Erase the demons out of our memory
Change your name and your identity.
--Matisyahu, "Jerusalem"

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Done by yours truely said...

so do u still have a stomach virus?