September 6, 2009

you are my sweetest downfall

I'm working on He's the Question right now. Most frustrating song I've ever had to deal with, but I'm not mad. I'm not getting mad. I'm nowhere near mad. It's hard enough writing piano music for it, but trombone and drums too?! I don't even play those instruments! How the heck am I supposed to know how to write for them?? I have a new system of song-writing, though, since it's easier to write at my piano rather than my computer--I print off the song before I even start (so all you see is the title and my name and a bunch of blank measures) and take it down to the piano for the rough draft. Putting it in my computer is when I have to do the technical stuff like measures and rhythm. I don't understand how ANYBODY, genius or not, could compose at age 3!

Then again, I have everything I need. I have the tools (the laptop, the proper composing program, the keyboard), I have the capacity (beginning my sixth year of piano, preparing for my senior recital in the spring AND teaching 3 students of my own), I have the time (well, kind of)... I have the motivation (Jonathan is going to give me stickers). So, why not write a musical and rock at it? I can do it, so why don't I? Why don't I set my heart on it? Is it fear? I'm tired of not being brave and jumping at opportunities!!

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