April 16, 2010

not much hair left on his head

I'm going to see the play Oliver Twist by the Homeschool Theater Club tonight! I'm planning on sitting in the front row. Every time I go to one (as you will recall from my post, "Tell me that you love me more" in which I talked about going to see The Jungle Book) I get a little melancholy and remember how much fun I had in Narnia. Hopefully tonight will just be a fun time with friends. I guess moving on and growing up is a huge part of life, a huge part that maybe takes some getting used to.

I think I want to go for a jog with Hannah Beth this afternoon. We were going to do pilates but it's such a beautiful day... we want to jog. Maybe the newborn calf will come to the fence today (he got scared last night).

And, if I ever want to see The Prestige again... remind me that it's a creepy, completely twisted movie. The end.

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