May 28, 2010

beneath the stars came falling on our heads

I'm sitting at the kitchen table while I blog... all three of my brothers are here also, which hasn't happened since Christmas, so that's kind of fun. Oh wait, one just left to play legos... there went another one! oh dear, now I'm alone. oh well. We're almost ready for tomorrow! I figured out I have to get up at 8... at least... cuz I need to curl my hair and we're gonna go take care of the bunnies too. They're getting so big. They know how to jump on top of their house, but they're not sure how to get down... so they just sit up there until I feel sorry for them and put them down.

It's good to have my family here. My mom commented today on how much we are all growing up, and I guess we are. It doesn't feel like it because we all kinda have our own lives to live, and the only one I really interact with is Jason. But yeah, we are growing up. And in the next couple of years, I'm gonna be gone for about 5 years. Weird feeling.

I'm really excited for my party. We have centerpieces and confetti, and Sunday afternoon we'll get some helium balloons, which I haven't had since I was ten. This is really fun. It's like, my big swan song to high school. And and and!! I get strawberry shortcake and cream puffs! And pretty much everything I want! Yay!

I wish I could write music like Paramore... or even sing like that for that matter. I just love their songs... mine seem lame in comparison. Maybe comparison is my problem. Nothing I have or am is ever good enough to just be good enough. I just have to... critique everything about myself. I'm in a perfect mood for that right now. I can't understand why I got sick. It makes me so mad. Now instead of 100%, I can only give part of 100%. (Reminds me of the Monk episode where Mr. Monk is an assistant basketball coach, and one of the girls says she wants to give 110%... Mr. Monk responds that it's only okay if another girl gives 90% to even it out. I'm sure you can imagine where it goes from there.)

I should think about bed soon... BIG DAY TOMORROW.

I need to watch my girlish figure - Jonathan Creighton

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Jedly said...

Legos are awesome!! haha
Congratulations Nicole M. Creighton :D that's all the encouragement I can think of right now (sad huh?) but oh well. I pray that God blesses you to no end <3