May 22, 2010

history books forgot about us

welllllll, 3 hours later, I'm FINALLY done with my display board. It was a pretty chaotic mess all over the table, and I basically stood for the whole three hours because I would walk around the table to find whatever I needed and walk back to where I was working on it. It turned out pretty snazzy though. Mom says it's fancier than any of the ones my brothers made... go figure. (actually, she made them.) Here's the general idea of the work I did. My nieces offered some unsolicited help, but it was fun. They helped me choose colors and patterns. I'm not quite sure where the zebra came from, that must've been a moment of weakness. It was fun to look back through all those pictures of my childhood and kind of live those memories all over again. It was nice to put a bunch of senior pictures on there, too. Just kind of evidence that I'm really growing up (no, it's not a dream!). I think I almost used that whole roll of double-sided tape. You can't see it, but there's awesome shiny silver rick-rack around random edges of the scrapbook paper to tie it all together. This is the kind of art I enjoy. Don't give me that painting and drawing when I can take memories and glue them together and represent a lifetime.

So at the moment I am eating a bowl of delicious pasta salad that I made today... It has pasta (NO... really?), broccoli, carrots, chicken and cheese and of course-----1000 Island dressing. Which I normally hate, but for some reason, in pasta salad, it just WORKS. Like Converse with dresses or apples and peanut butter. I was really excited to make it because today we were having a barbecue with our family for my dad's birthday (which was Wednesday)... and we were going to have hamburgers and hot dogs, which totally turned me off to the idea of food. Sooo I decided to make pasta salad and that's pretty much what I ate today. Just think, if I hadn't, I might have starved or something.

After I finish this blog post I need to go practice my piano songs for my recital tomorrow. I'm playing two songs by myself, a duet with my teacher, and two duets with my students. So even if it feels like I'm only playing two, I'm really playing five. Here's the list.
Liz on Top of the World (this song is sooo pretty... it's from the new Pride and Prejudice and it's the song that's playing while she's daydreaming and she's standing on that cliff and the sun is out... ahhh gorgeous.)
Sonatina (this is the duet I'm playing with my teacher. It's actually written to be played on two different keyboards at the same time, but we are just so epic that we rearranged it so we can both play on the same on. At the same time. So there.)
Elite Syncopations (still deciding if I should play it from memory or not. I know that I know it well enough, but sometimes my fingers get all tangled up and then I'm stuck and don't know where to start :\)
The Erie Canal (my duet with Noah. It's gonna be pretty awesome, it's totally jazzy.)
Our Detective Agency (this is my duet with Rose. It has cute words... if I could remember them I'd write them here... phooey.)

I suppose I should go practice before my dad goes to bed. Almost ready to cross piano off my list. :) P.S., I'm pretty sure the carrots in the pasta salad were homegrown, cuz they went crunch more than usual. And for old time's sake, I have to end this post with a quote...

Nothing could make that face worse. - Jonathan May (yup, he was talking to me... what makes me laugh is that he was trying to compliment me and it turned out so horribly wrong that I can't help but give him crap about it.)


Nicole said...

rats, I messed up the fonts on this post... and I somehow don't care enough to try to fix it. haha :)

Jedly said...

Nice quote from Jonathan :P

Jonathan said...

yah. note to self: When trying to compliment Nicole, don't just blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. Think it through first. :p