June 9, 2010

a pair of dull scissors and the yellow light

this is what you call.... Nicole's "I-just-woke-up-and-would-like-some-coffee-PLEASE-and-thank-you-now-go-away." I seldom take pictures of myself... but for some reason I woke up and thought, what's with my bed head? it looks normal! and then I started making funny faces in the mirror, and voila... Nicole takes a picture to forever capture her morning moods. Why it's on my blog, I don't know. I think I just want to have more pictures to go with all my words. By the way, random word of advice, speaking from experience... Don't ever EVER sign up to take two major tests in the same weekend. And if you have to, you should start studying about six months prior to testing dates. Don't wait until the week of. You will cry.
The other day I went shopping for reals (not imaginary this time) and I treated myself to a pair of Silvers. Not because I need them, and not because longer jeans don't work for me (and I have even discovered my legs are shorter than 31", because that's the length of the pair I got... and they are too long). But I do love them. They are super soft and comfy and I feel
adventuresome when I wear them. Anyway, I'm not the type of girl who would buy a pair of those every time I needed new jeans, because the $29 jeans off the wall work just fine. But it was just something I wanted to get as a special treat. I also found these adorable flip flops, in my size no less... although two years ago I wore nothing but Chacos, this year I have three pairs of flip flops that I absolutely love. I should probably buy a $3 pair at Wal-Mart that I don't care so much, in case I go swimming or something. haha, I still love Chacos. No worries.

You know what I have been thinking
about? Why people are friends. I mean, it's so weird. There's billions of people on this earth, and some people like other people while still other people dislike those other people. How do we make friends? How do we build those relationships - how do we decide who to trust and who to steer clear of? And what makes us connect? It's puzzling. Not that I don't want friends, but I am just curious, probably wasting too much brain power thinking about it. I mean, half the time, we are just thrown together by circumstances and then we decide we like each other. Such a crazy world. I love it.
... Any thoughts?
P.S. thanks to Jenna for this amazing photo... I love it.

There are so many voices in this world... what makes me think people will want to hear mine?

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