June 2, 2010

there just told light, there just told light

Hey Mickey is stuck in my head... again... I need to stop having friends whose name rhymes with Mickey. haha :) today was a VERY lazy, VERY blah day... But at least it's raining right now, and I love that sound. Even though I love the rain... if the lawn doesn't get mowed soon, it's gonna kinda suck... so I am super duper hoping that it's sunny and HOT tomorrow. I might watch Wasp's Nest tonight since I just realized, it has to be returned to the library tomorrow.

Yesterday was basically my last piano lesson for the school year... only, a few of my beginner students have opted to just have one lesson a
month during the summer, just so they don't forget what they're learning and keep everything up to speed. Which is a good idea, I think. Especially when you're a beginner, it's easy to forget the simple stuff. Although I never would encourage anybody to take continuous lessons through the whole summer without a break, unless they are super serious about piano. When I tried, my teacher gave me a lesson every other week, and it was still hard. It was right about the time that I was discovering all there was to do online (there went my life), and it was just hard to practice piano with all that summer-ness going on. And even people that are really serious about something need a break every once in awhile.

I had a positively amazing weekend. I'm remembering that I tried to write about it in my journal extremely early this morning, and I couldn't even handle the happiness I felt at remembering all the awesome times. So I put my journal and went to sleep. But it was just so awesome, the randomness, the spontaneity. A lot of time it's better that way, I think. I've even gone places with minimal amounts of makeup, in my pink Wal-Mart sweats with the telltale butter stain. Now that's a story. ;)

I'm anxious for another chance to perform. I think I get sad when I don't. I should learn a few songs for those times... and just record them with my webcam.. it's almost a good alternative to performance. Not to replace performance for sure. Maybe I should start putting myself on YouTube. hmm?

So this... this is a very special thing that Millie made for me for graduation. I just had to share because I love it. I'm not even sure what to call it... but she wrote a lovely note on the back. I'm hoping it's okay to post it here... I'm not sure why it wouldn't be, but I guess you never know.

"Dear Nicole,
Congratulations! You did it; you made it through the crazy years of highschool and did it with style (if I do say so myself). You have so much to look forward to, and I hope you know that! You are an amazing girl with so many gifts and talents. God has blessed you so much. Although you have an amazing voice don't be tricked into thinking you are nothing without it. Your character, personality, love for the Lord and your all around adorableness make you who you are! As you go out into the world venturing to become the God fearing beautiful woman I know you will be, remember that you will always have a group of crazy homeschool kids cheering for you back home. I love you and have been blessed by your friendship so many times! Keep rocking Nicole!!

found on a graduation card I received... "dreams are necessary for life." - anais nin

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Jonathan said...

I vote for you putting yourself on youtube. In case my opinion matters.