July 5, 2010

oh, we couldn't bring the columns down

well, in the 13 minutes I have before I leave the house again, I thought I'd update my blog. It has been a long time.

In the job-hunting department, I had a working interview at Alpine Women's Center in Whitefish for two days. I absolutely loved everything about it: the work, the atmosphere, the people I sat next to. Especially Stacie. I felt so awesome when something witty would pop out of my mouth and she'd throw her head back and laugh. What can I say? I get it from my father's side. To make a long story short, though, I didn't get the job because I was too young... I will ask them again in a few years. Betcha they'll hire me. For now, my mom and I are watching the jobservice website like a hawk. Thinking I might try Sizzler. Since apparently it helps to know someone... :)

Ezekiel has been going awesomely. On Saturday we ran act 1, which isn't really act 1 because it's only a one-act show. I guess Jonathan divided it up or something. Anyway, it's coming together. I imagine practices this week will be pretty crazy but by Saturday? Yeah, I can't wait to see how it looks on Saturday.

I have been playing piano and singing for church every Sunday. Every Sunday morning I kinda whine and complain... every Sunday after church, I tell my mom, "yeah, that wasn't so bad." I guess it's all in the attitude. And in the spirit of worship.

haha I feel like I'm speed writing! And my mind is going about a dozen hundred (haha, a dozen hundred) miles a minute trying to think of what's really been going on in my life. Last night I sang baby Toby to sleep. Quite enjoyed that :)

I got my driver's license on Friday, which is pretty cool... now I can go places alone...

oh yeah. and camp was good. :)

now I'm out of here!! (Nicole waves)

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