August 4, 2010

save me from myself and all i do

     I absolutely love this necklace! I have fallen in love with it ;) I'm going to look for it in-store this weekend, or whenever my order comes in. I need to take a break from buying clothes.. haha! :) 
     I can't believe my niece turned six on Saturday!! I gave her a tinkerbell porcelain decorative wall thing... I'm so tempted to call it a plaque but the spelling bothers me because it is spelled the same as the nasty stuff we get on our teeth. Anyway, it says "shhhh... fairy dreaming". So cute, it will match their tinkerbell room. 
    I'm getting everything figured out with FVCC to take classes this year. Apparently you can only register early if you go to new student orientation (or if you have taken classes before) and you can only go to new student orientation if you apply, get everything squared away with your advisor, and have like.. immunization records ready. None of which I have got. Sooo, I am meeting with an advisor next Monday (I am at camp this week) and then the week of the 26th I can register. So! Pray that the classes I want to take aren't filled! :) 
     I'm excited for camp this week. There is something just awesome about wearing a staff shirt. hehehe >:D my niece will be going as a camper. All girls junior weeks are so much fun!! 
      Hannah and I are hopefully gonna get together today, and do a little fun spa-ness. We did a foot soak the other night, it was divine. First I have to do the dishes... *sigh*. And clean up the dumbness the lawnmower left behind yesterday. I guess this post will end up being pretty short because I never really had anything to say, I just wanted to post the picture of the beautiful necklace I'm coveting. And bring you up-to-date on a little of what I've been doing lately. (Not much, apparently.) OH SUMMER, PLEASE STAY A LITTLE LONGER.

P.S. Happy birthday to my buddies - Isaac Hoch, Ashleigh Kiehn and Mariah Kiehn! They are ALL 15 today! :D 

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