September 28, 2010

but You came just in time

My dad has a new friend! Apparently he has a magnetism for canines, or else he's just too nice, but this pup follows him home in the mornings sometimes now. There used to be two other dogs that would follow him home sometimes too - they would lay in our yard ALL DAY long. We didn't feed them or anything, so I'm guessing nobody was nice to them at their house. This dog actually came up to me as I was leaving for my math class and said hi. I pet him for a minute and missed my yorkies. :( I can't wait to have another dog, someday.

*sigh* I don't know what possessed me to take a picture of this, but I do actually like pictures of textbooks. I like to feel studious with my piles of books all around me and notebooks, papers, pencils, paper clips, and various other office-y things -- but as I told Lex this morning, I'm already tired of this semester. Especially math. And you can see (kind of) that that is on the side of my bed, my favorite place to do homework. That's actually where I am right now.
And what I should be doing right now is homework. :( blehhhhhhh. And we're having a math quiz on Thursday. Like, what?! we JUST got our tests back, and you're quizzing us already? Harrrumph. Nicole is very unhappy today.


Elliot said...

haha you're right about that textbooks all around definitely add to the studious effect. :) also, done with this semester is an entirely accurate statement. :/ hope your future days are less unhappy. :P

ChevyGirl said...

I recognize the Write For College book under there somewhere, I still have that book and it's brand new (never opened it), could have saved you money! haha :) (p.s. this is your cousin Missy)

Nicole said...

oh haha, that's ok! I think I had the high school one but my mom bought the write for college one off so it was not expensive :) I love those writing handbooks!!
however, if you happen to have the $145 world music textbook that you wanna give me... I'll take it! haha