September 21, 2010

My heart became like stone and turned to ice.

I left my face out this time!
       Just an update, everyone: I have survived 16 school days. Only 66 more school days until Christmas break! (Man, it feels like I've suffered through way more than 16!) I had a good outfit day today, so I took a picture for you. It's almost totally from maurice's. I took a pair of worn, soft, comfortable jeans that had a few rips in them and paired them with a cheap pair of Miley Cyrus leggings from Wal-Mart (hey, they work). On top I'm wearing a black crinkle cami with a black long-sleeved burnout, and then the tee. In warmer weather I would pair this shirt with a teal or pink tank top underneath and lose the long sleeves, but today it was just right. I also like to wear this shirt with these earrings. They match almost impeccably. Kuhen always seems to have interesting comments on my clothes when I walk into writing class. Last week he informed that my boots were very shiny. Today my shirt was "stripey." He went on to elaborate that I wear extreme clothes. Extreme? I don't know about that. Really, really cute maybe. But my wardrobe seems pretty normal to me. Maybe just because it's mine? Anywhom, I also painted my fingernails white. I don't know if I like it or not. What do you think? It feels kinda gaudy. Maybe if I had a design of some kind in another color on top! (This, obviously, means the spending of more money.)
       We had the first half of our math test today. We get to finish it tomorrow. I feel like I did okay, which usually means I bombed. So I'm trying not to feel like I did okay. My math teacher lets us drop our lowest score, anyways. So if this test is my worst, it won't even count toward my grade. But if it's just so-so, and I have another test that worse, I will feel inferior for my poor math skills. Oh, math. How much I don't adore you.
         I just enjoyed some hickory barbecue chips with my PB&J... Pilates is gonna kill tomorrow, I can smell it. Or maybe that's my breath. haha! :)

Another day in the exciting life of Nicole! I can't wait for tomorrow, cuz I just wanna get that math test OVER WITH! Ooh, and second practice for The Christmas Post is tomorrow! yayness! :)

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