September 2, 2010

now I can see the world from way up high!

     What a week this has been! I've been kind of formulating for a long time what I was going to write in this post, I just had to wait for the right opportunity. The opportunity has come - my first week of school is behind me, and all that's left to do now is procrastinate on all the homework my teachers assigned for this HOLIDAY weekend *cough cough*.
     My first math class was horrible. The teacher moved so fast and gave us a pre-test which only one person finished. (This actually boosted my spirits in that it was not just me!) It was an intimidating class, to be sure. The book we are using, Elementary and Intermediate Algebra, actually covers two semesters - and I tested into Intermediate Algbra, so we jumped right in at chapter 6 review. I went home that night with about 30 supposedly review problems, and needed my genius big brother Jason's help on almost every single problem. It was a tough night for me. I wanted to quit. But I had a feeling, if I could just hang in there, it would get easier. Maybe not effortless, maybe not even simple, but just easier. Math is a challenge for me, it always has been. But there is just something about that "*light bulb* I GET IT" feeling that just makes it all worth it. The second night of math homework was much easier, as well as the next. I have not started on tonight's yet, but I didn't have any problems in class today so I'm guessing it will be tedious and nothing more.
Mine is one edition lower. 
     After my math class, I had a free 50 minutes, (I am still describing Monday by the way) which I spent sitting on my backpack in front of Blake Hall. I was still in my sweats from Pilates (ooh! I forgot to talk about that! It was good, it burned, can't wait for my next class on Wednesday) and feeling very blah and discouraged from the aforementioned math class. Well, I ran into Megan, or more appropriately, she ran into me, since I was sitting on my backpack. We waited together for the start of our next class, which was music theory. That was a diverse crowd. Lots of people professed to pursuing a music major, some just wanted to take it to further their music knowledge. One guy was a psych major. I actually really enjoyed that class. My instructor, John, really gets going with that marker on that white board. His brain moves faster than his hand and it's so cool to watch that it's almost impossible to take notes. I won't have music theory again until Monday the 13th, because of Labor Day.
this book was $145!!
     Immediately following Music Theory was World Music, taught by the same guy. When he handed out the syllabus, it listed a lot of homework. =\ so it looks like I am going to be getting used to handing in papers this semester! During that class time we listened to different samples of music and talked about what instruments we heard, how many instruments we heard, whether or not people were singing and finally - where we thought the music was from. I didn't guess very much because I didn't want to sound like an idiot, but on the one that I did guess - Indonesia - I got it right. *proud feeling*
     I drove home Monday night exhausted and spent the whole evening working on math homework. Not. Fun.
     Tuesday was much better. I only had math at noon and writing at one, so I had time to get a little sleep in the morning and still look cute. Actually, my mom took me in that day,  which was nice because I didn't have to drive around for infinity minutes (sarcasm, naturally) looking for a parking spot. I sat with Millie and Kuhen in the back row of our writing class and I have since decided that I have the very best writing teacher of all time. He is simply amazing. More on that later.
    Wednesday was another big day, and I was looking forward to it - Pilates again, math, aural perception and world music. Well, I got all ready to go, got my books all together in my big, cute backpack, and went out to start the car... which didn't. I tried again, testing various techniques that supposedly work (I think it's a myth). Finally I called my mom at work and asked her what I should do. Nobody was home, nor were any other available vehicles. She suggested I call my dad (who was in Kalispell at the time) and see if he could come get me, which, thankfully, he could and did. I missed Pilates - which I didn't mind in and of itself. I have to say, though, that the car not starting pretty much ruined my day and after a good cry while I was waiting for my padre, I determined NOT to cheer up. He spent the afternoon laboring on Sarah the Caravan and fixed the problem. Thanks, Daddy :)
bad shoes for walking.
     During my free hour between math and Aural Perception on Wednesday, I walked to Starbucks with Jamee, Nathaniel, Chad and Megan. I got a little white chocolate mocha and in the process of walking back, and holding the coffee, AND trying not to lose my phone and wallet, I kept getting little drops of mocha all over myself, the path, and even a little on Megan. (Sorry Megan!) She just slurped it right off her sleeve though, so no harm no foul. Unfortunately for me, Chad told me it took "less than ten minutes" to walk to Starbucks from the college... to which I incredulously replied, "are you serious?!" "dead." he said stoically. Apparently by the time we decided to go, locked our backpacks in Jamee's car, and actually left, the ten minutes were spent, because by my watch it actually took, like, twenty. It's ok Chad, I forgive you. But I did get a blister on my right pinky toe because my shoes were simply too cute to be practical.
     Aural Perception was a blast! Possibly my favorite class so far. It's a two-hour, once-a-week class. We spent the first hour singing solfege, took a five minute break, and when we came back we worked for about forty minutes on dictation - that is, the instructor playing a rhythm and us copying it down. I did a good job the first two times, but when he added 8th notes, it stressed me out. I don't think anyone in the class got it right when he added 8th notes.
     Then today was like my Friday. I don't have class at all on Fridays, which is really nice. I will be spending my Fridays doing homework, watching movies, playing, painting my nails, and basically anything else I don't have time for anymore!
     I didn't mean for this to become an uber-long post, but I felt a little guilty about not writing all this stuff down in my journal. I've turned into a horrible journaler. My attention span just isn't long enough or something. I'm actually only 17 pages away from finishing my journal, so maybe the closer I get the more I will write. There is just kind of an impending feeling of doom, mixed with maybe a little bit of excitement when you are close to finishing a journal. You want to get it over with, put away, on to the next thing!

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Jesi said...

sounds like you know a lot of people on campus i forgot my phone on monday so i promise ill be a better friend in the future

fiberforte said...
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tweet_jj said...

Ugh, I totally understand about the math thing. In fact, I think you pretty much described my first day at math class, except that I was attacked by a giant polar bear on the way into the building. <3 you. Keep chinny!

Colleen said...

It's good to hear how your life is going. I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Do you have Cowan as your writing prof?

Nicole said...

yes, I do! I love him so far :)