September 23, 2010

tell me, what have I become?

I haven't exactly been imaginary shopping *sheepish smile* but I did find a few things that caught my fancy. So happy today is Thursday. Tomorrow I don't even have to get out of bed if I don't want to (I do have homework. But at least I can do it in bed.) This filigree necklace is too unique to pass up. Normally I wouldn't wear something so... big...? But I just love the elegance. I'd pair this with a black burnout shirt and a plain color cami. *happy face*

     This morning was a leisurely one for me. I kept thinking I had until 11:30 at the most, since my math class is at noon. I kept bumming around like I do every morning -- cleaning my room, writing down what homework I need to do that night, you know. That kinda stuff I do every morning while I'm still booting up, waiting for myself to be ready to leave. Well, at 9:53 A.M. this morning I glanced at my planner: "10:00-11:00, blood drive", I had written in pink ink and drawn a cloud around it. With horror I realized I'd volunteered to help check people in - and I was supposed to be there in ten minutes! Well, I usually try to be extra cute on Tuesdays and Thursdays because I don't have Pilates before my math class, so I don't have to work with the sweat and the time crunch. Unfortunately, cute went on the back burner this morning when I had to rush to even be there half an hour late. I felt so incompetent. This girl can't even keep her schedule straight. But on the other hand, a guy that I know (who would probably wish to remain anonymous? I'm not sure) texted me earlier this evening to tell me that my eyes look nice without eyeliner. I was surprised he even noticed. It's not that I feel like I HAVE to have it. I don't know. I may have to rethink my opinion on eyeliner and get back to you. k? =]
     I don't necessarily love the look of these moccasins, but I'm so cold-blooded that the coziness of them makes me want a pair (not brown, please.) I might even want them enough to get a pair. I was planning on going to maurice's on Saturday after play practice and scoping out the hat situation. I really like ear flap hats, and I found one I wanted last year, but they were sold out by the time I decided to get it. I suffered all winter. So this year, I'm keeping my eyes peeled, and getting it before the snow comes I hope!!

     I taught three piano lessons today! That means I have started five students so far, and I have about six left that I need to schedule in and get started. I love teaching piano. Love it, love it, love it. It's so perfect for me!! It's music, it's kids, it's flexible with my schedule (even moreso considering most of my students are homeschooled) and it pays really well. But that's just a bonus. Really, it's just perfect. And it was such a God-thing that I have so many students this year!

     Okay, the trench coat = a fall must. Love, love, love. If I got a new coat every year, it would be a variation of this. I just love EVERYTHING about it. *sigh* I'm sorry, I feel like my blog posts are always about clothes all of a sudden. If I'm not imaginary shopping, I'm taking pictures of my successful outfits. Maybe I am just having clothing withdrawals! Or maybe I'm just a clothes addict. Nicole Marie Creighton is hopeless and does NOT want help.

     Tomorrow my girls are spending the night! (sorry for all this senseless babble, as Millie and I like to call it. I'm just having fun venting about all the things going on in my life.) I think I might give them French manicures with my cool gel pen. I need the practice. I love doing super fun girly things with them when they are here, and we almost always watch a movie too. Love them.

     And finally, jeans: I don't really like skinnies, but I have a pair to wear in the fall and winter with my boots. I bought them at Max Rave. (At Alexa's urging...) They were fairly inexpensive and I love the dark wash. My one regret is that they were snug when I tried them on, and they have since stretched out. I could have used a good one or even two sizes smaller. Oh, well! =] Well, these are Silvers. So they have to be good.

     I must say, I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this blog post. Even though I didn't say much. Maybe next post I write, I'll try to actually talk about what I'm doing a little bit... *another sheepish grin*


Frizz said...

I love the coat! I've seen the same one before and thought is it worth the cash? I still haven't decided. Have fun with your girls:)

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