November 1, 2010

An Exercise in Appreciating What I Have....

Last week I counted my shirts. I have 27 short sleeved shirts alone! That's not to mention long-sleeves and hoodies! So, I thought, hey, November is coming up. November also has 30 days. And this idea occured to me that I could make a blog project of sorts... since I have to do it if I post it on my blog, see. =]

Anyway, the project is, I'm not going to wear the same shirt twice in the month of November. However, this does not include tank tops, since most of what I own requires a tank top for the sake of modesty or just looks better with a tank top, and I own like 7. Or 8. I'm not sure, I lost count.

it was quite an ordeal.
So the purpose of this project is for me to see all the things I really do have, and in so doing, not focus so much on what I don't have. Also it's a way to be creative with the clothes I own! I won't always have money to buy whatever strikes my fancy (although, as I type, maurice's is having a 20% sale on their outerwear, and I'm exercising extreme self-control...), so this is good practice in wearing what sometimes maybe I don't really want to wear because I liked it when I bought it but now it's blah. Maybe I'm going too far into this.

In other news, I'm too tired to straighten my hair this morning, and I woke up cold and grumpy. I'm drinking some peach tea and I can't wait for today to be over!! We have a quiz/test in music theory and I'm not looking forward to it. As Millie says, I should go into it with the attitude, "if I'm going to fail this, I'm going to fail it WITH PRIDE!" I honestly don't think I'll fail, but I certainly don't feel prepared.

Also happening today is a midterm - EEK - in World Music. I'm giving my presentation today on the music of Hawaii. I actually kinda had fun working on the powerpoint, but I am a little nervous. I'm just anxious for today to end!

And finally, the sad news of the hour, I don't get to go to BSF tonight because I have a play practice I need to go to. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love play practice... but BSF is like my redemption from the awful Mondays in my life. :( oh well. If it all works out, my mom and I will still get to ride home together, which is another Monday blessing.

Finally found one! This is the torso of an exhausted girl. :P
It's real life, people.  
And now I'm off to study a little bit (for approximately 45 minutes) until I have to get ready to leave - for Pilates. yayyyy. I never feel like doing Pilates haha!

Confession: I fudged on making my bed this morning.

P.S., well so much for studying when it took me 20 minutes to find a shirt I wanted to wear! This challenge is gonna be, well, challenging. I'll upload a photo tonight when I get home... I can't find the camera right now. Hope everyone's Monday is at least decent.

What are you doing to appreciate what you have?

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