November 4, 2010

my heart's like a leaf on the wind catchin' rides.

Who knew these little monsters were busy spinning nastyness in our house? My mom was mortified that I wanted to take a picture for my blog, and she wants everyone to know that as soon as I got the picture she destroyed the web. Anyway I thought the picture turned out surprisingly clear. Now, little camera, why won't you take clear photos my outfits?!

In the happy news of the day, I got a 96% on my math test, a smiley face on the second page, and "Nice!" written across the top. This raised my cumulative grade to almost a B. It's the kind of grade I've been wanting all along. Makes me think, well, great, the semester is half over and I'm just starting to get the hang of this stuff... Oh well, I guess. One of my favorite quotes is on my facebook profile: "Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently." --Henry Ford (However, I never hoped to apply it to math. Oh well. I'm getting there and that's what's important.)

In the other happy news of the day... it's Thursday... and here's my outfit... (I might actually manage a blog post every single day this month? Just a thought.)

Ooh, and more happy news of the day! I can type faster than Elliot. :D Judging by my calculations, my average speed is about 95 wpm... at least from the three times we raced. I think that was adrenaline or something though cuz I don't feel like I type that fast. :D

Here's my outfit for today. It's hard to see the graphics on the tee but it's basically gray with a skeleton key print. I didn't think it was overkill to wear it with my skeleton key necklace. And you should be sooo glad I didn't include my face this time. Disastrous morning (but I fixed it eventually!).

For the sad news of the day, I'm not really looking forward to finding out my grade on the in-class essay...... :P


Elliot said...

yeah, yeah, yeah... rub it in why don't you... :P

Nicole said...

you're just jealous!!