November 2, 2010

Your Words [are] Like Wings!

My week is half done.
Three tests are over. One to go, and an in-class essay.
Three piano lessons are done.
Three more on Thursday.
Two play practices over.
Three to go. (Whoa. Three.)

Can I just say, I revel in my fuzzy pajamas, netflix, tea, and (ahhh!) bed. I have included a bonus photo of my fuzzy pants in this post, just you can be jealous of how comfortable I look (and feel). If you feel like investing in a pair of fuzzy pants, I recommend it. These were $10 at wal-mart, in fact my mom got a pair too! :) The text on mine says something about wishing on a star... I'm not sure; it's kind of hard to read.

THEN the whiz-bang-pow of the day: my outfit. Thanks to JJ for helping me plan this outfit, although the original plan included a purple dress. My dress just looked way too fancy so I kept with the purple theme and wore a skirt. It's hard to see but I'm wearing sparkle tights with black knee socks. It felt very chic and great for a fall day. That's also one of my favorite necklaces :)
     so I can't wear this shirt again this month - but I CAN use it as a long-sleeve layering piece, under another shirt.

Confession Time!

Confession: I did NOT fudge on making my bed this morning.
Confession: I did maybe fudge a little on jogging.
Confession: I used my snooze button for the first time EVER and had a weird dream. I might not use it again.
Confession: I straightened my hair today for the first time in 4 (or maybe 5) days. Felt good!

Do you have any confessions? Leftover halloween candy could be a big one... haha =]

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