December 14, 2010

confession time!

Confession: I don't always check my answers in the original equation.

Confession: I skipped pilates this week because of finals.

Confession: today in my head, I heard the quote, "a thing of beauty is a joy forever"... and I thought, "a thing of beauty is a joy as long as it stays beautiful." I'm not sure how accurate this is, or if I'm just feeling pessimistic.

Confession: I did not use documentation on my last essay. Reason? Laziness.

Confession: Even if I never ever EVER wear something, it's still hard to get rid of it.

Confession: I don't write everything in my journal.

Confession: I still sleep with my pink bunny.

Confession: Sometimes I look at people and ask the Lord why He didn't make me beautiful.

Confession: I wear pajamas when I teach piano, occasionally. Like today.


Joanna Grace said...

I think I'm going to try that teaching in pajamas thing. It sounds fun.
Btw, you ARE beautiful!!!

Frizz said...

Confession: I still sleep with a bunny too:)