December 18, 2010

stepping out to see that you're really worth more

I've been modcloth-ing again... (thanks for inspiring me, Megan :P) Aren't these darling?!

Modern Fairytale
Halter of Fame: 
(I love this next one... and it's named the "Young Composer Dress", which strikes a chord [haha, get it?] in my heart...)
Spontaneous Plans: I would wear this everyday!! In a different color. *sheepish*
Make a Swish:
Cherry Valence: I've always loved this dress... but I don't know where on earth I would wear it.
And finally, the Frankly, I Don't Give a Dress ;)

have a lov-a-ly weekend, everyone! hugs! 

EDIT: I browsed the whole website looking for this one. Found it on the last page. It's my favorite -- if I owned this dress, I would have worn it in Ezekiel. It's called, Who's That Girl?


Frizz said...

Oh, I just love that last one too. If only dresses would float down from heaven and land in our arms in our size, perfect color, and be two inches longer in length....

Hannah said...

Lots of cuteness!! That red one is in one of my past Polyvore sets.

Nicole said...

I agree with your "if only", Megan. Except in my case, dresses seem to be most flattering just above my knees. Which usually means they should be two inches shorter.