January 13, 2011

coley's havelist

In my last post, I told you about ten things I wish I had. In the spirit of contentment, this post will be of a "count your blessings" nature, in which I will tell you about ten things I have that I love.

 10. hair color.
not too light, not too dark... for now, I won't need to spend a penny on dye! (and, like my email address so clearly states... everyone loves blondes. ;)

9. pink fergalicious high heels.
they are actually splendidly comfortable. 

8. Hoodie collection.
it's just on this side of impressive :)

7. membership to the Summit.
thanks to my mom, who works at KRMC now. :) 

6. a mom and a dad that are still married (and like it that way).

5. friends that help me grow in God, friends that love me. friends that make me laugh. friends that hold me up when life is rough.

4. a beautiful smile. finally.
[after rubber bands, a palate expander, two sets of braces, a dental implant, and countless retainers... I got it. I finally got it.]

3. a sense of humor. 
though I go overboard occasionally, I love to make people laugh!!

2. music.
if it were easy, they'd call it [insert something clever]

1. Gladdening Light.
why don't they get it? 
You are my Joy. 

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