January 14, 2011

coley's lovelist

10 things that make me really happy. . . 

10. Pilot Gel Pens.
oh my gosh. Can I get an amen for color, folks?! :D 

9. herbal essences.
They don't make my favorite anymore :( 
But now I use the purple kind. 

8. hugs. of course.
haha, this is me. awww.

7. strawberries.
underrated little gems, aren't they? I'll take mine just like that ^ (teehee!). 
and here's another just 'cuz it's cute. Gotta love Google.

6. anything that takes place at a salon. 
Whether it be a wash and cut, a trim, a cut and style, a mani, a pedi, a massage, a facial, a perm... whatever you fancy! But I feel like a queen when I get to go to a salon. 

5. brand-spankin'-new Silvers.
I love me some new silvers. It's my maybe-twice-a-year treat to myself. But I haven't bought any this year so far... ;)

4. writing.
I don't aspire to be a writer. I don't even think I'm what most people would call a good writer. But I do love it, and it does make me happy.

3. singing.
Believe it or not... I'm still a little shy about my voice. But I could sing all day and all night. 

2. Creation Fest.
you won't know until you go.
<3 Enumclaw, WA

1. dreams.
It took me a long time to think of this one, but dreams really do make me happy. And I'm not just talking about life aspirations or whatever, I mean dreams that occur while you're sleeping. My favorites are the ones that are so good, you think they are real. (But that doesn't feel so amazing once you wake up, unfortunately.) I try to write all the best ones in my journal, and when I go back two years later and read them, it's like dreaming it all over again. :) 

So let me just end this post with a question.


Hannah said...

Is this a tag? I'll have to think about it...there are a lot of things that make me happy. I definitely agree with you on the salon treatments. *sigh*

Nicole said...

it's not necessarily a tag, but I'd love to see what makes you happy... whether you leave a comment or post it on your own blog :)